So far, the only photos I have shared with you from Reunion Island were either photos of the […]

Going Wild !


You don’t know, but last Saturday I did a Live YouTube with Alex Coghe of over an hour. […]

YouTube interview


You probably don’t know it, but since August of last year, I have been sharing at the beginning […]

May 2021 slideshow


Friday the 28th of May, it’s a day off for me and I’m on a shopping chore … […]

And for what ?


You’ve found your groove! That’s what John Harper has been telling me for some time. I’ve been on […]

Feel the city


Alex Coghe asked me if I wanted to participate in the next magazine he wants to publish. It’s […]

SHOOTR Issue 0


It is 7:30 am and I have already dropped the children off at school. It may seem early, […]

Morning light