That’s it, we settled in our apartment in the southwest of the island. For those who do not […]

Recklessness island


Yes, this year is starting with a bang ! Two for the price of one. I decided to […]

Behind these shots


I had finished 2020 exhausted. A certain weariness had set in and I had all the trouble in […]

New beginning


I have the impression of reliving what I have already experienced in Aix-en-Provence. Something like déja vu … […]

Overcome boredom


When I first started this Blog in March 2016, I wanted to interview some photographers I really like. […]

John Harper revisited


Over the past two months, I have been able to have a lot of success on the streets. […]

Human after all


I have already told you about this state of mind that drives me when I photograph my own […]

Street Mindset


The children return to school tomorrow morning after 2 weeks of holidays. As usual, these periods are quite […]

Groundhog day Syndrom