My only resolution for this new year was to reconnect with the street. To enjoy taking pictures again […]

Reconnecting with street


Yesterday I received John Harper’s newsletter about his usual December TWELVE which concludes the current photographic year. A […]

Looking back 2022


Frankly, I had to kick myself to get back in front of my computer to type this Blog […]

A short Blog


I have already told you about this bus stop located right next to the Petit Marché in Saint-Denis, […]

Sainte-Victoire Station


That’s what a Street Photography outing can be like. You stand at a busy spot and watch the […]

The waiting game


Since last week I decided to shoot, for a while, with the Ricoh GR3. I’ve had this camera […]

Ricoh GR3 : week 1


I recently bought a used Ricoh GRD IV. Another one you might say… The previous one had been […]

New beginning