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Hier j’ai réalisé qu’on était bien avancé dans cette année 2018. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais jusqu’à présent je considérai que l’été c’était en milieu d’année. Donc comme on était en septembre, on est pas loin du milieu d’année … Alors qu’en fait on a déjà passé les 2/3 de l’année ! Pourquoi je vous parle de ça ? J’ai l’impression que je n’ai pas fait grand chose cette année photographiquement parlant.  Le temps passe vite. J’ai regardé  mes photos de cette année écoulée et il n’y a rien qui m’a sauté aux yeux. J’ai bien noté une évolution dans mon travail. Encore quelques mois et je me pencherais plus attentivement pour faire un bilan.

J’ai regroupé dans ce diaporama quelques photos non partagées réalisées depuis ce début d’année. Pas forcément des photos immémorables loin de là. Des ébauches, des échecs, mais aussi des photos que je n’ai pas eu le temps de partager. Je partage peu et les photos que je considère comme les plus réussies se retrouvent sur Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/jeff.chanemouye/) et dans mes Blogs. Pour les autres, vous les trouverez dans ce diaporama. 







What you havent’ seen #3.



Yesterday I realized that we were well advanced in this year 2018. I do not know why, but so far I considered that summer was mid-year. So as we were in September, we are not far from the middle of the year … In fact we have already spent 2/3 of the year ! Why am I talking to you about this ? I only feel that I did not do much this year photographically speaking. Time fades away … I looked at my photos of this past year and there is nothing that jumped at me. I noticed an evolution in my work. A few more months and I would look more carefully to make the review.

I have gathered in this slideshow some unshared photos made since the beginning of the year. No necessarily immemorial photos far from it. Drafts, failures, but also photographs I didn’t have time to sahre. I share little and the pictures that I consider the most successful are on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/jeff.chanemouye/) and in my Blogs. For others, you will find them in this slideshow.




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7 thoughts on “What you haven’t seen #3.

  • John Harper

    I don’t want to get too sycophantic or obsequious here, but…. man alive, those are some fantastic images! You don’t feel like posting any to Social Media? They need to be seen Jeff. The most relaxing and enjoyable 5:42 I’ve spent.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      OMG, John. Thanks for this warm praising. If I didn’t know you, I would suspect that you’re waiting for something in return! ?
      They are some photos that I might share on SM. But frankly considering my share-frequency, they are more likely to remain on my computer. Anyway, while gathering them in a slideshow, I share them with others but only on my website. To give a certain value to the ones taking the time to come on my website. I still believe that sharing less on SM is the way to go. But that’s just my way of seeing things.
      Thanks again for sharing on Facebook this blog John!
      Best regards

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Hello Jan, thanks a lot mate ! When I read your comment, I told to myself that I haven’t seen any of your work since a while. I went through your feed on insta and saw that you shared stuff that I hadn’t seen … weird that I miss them in my feed. But I also noticed that you share as little as me ! 😉 Hope you’re doing fine ! Take care man !

      • Jan Jespersen

        Thanks Jeff 🙂 I think we share the same amount on a month. But you are so much more active in the streets than I. Somehow I need to come more out than I do. But I always find myself repeating myself these days. A bit frustrating right now. You take care too Jeff!