What you haven’t seen : january & february 2020 8

It’s been a while since I have made an article to share these photos that take dust on my hard drive. I decided to group them over a period of 2 months because the month of February was quite chaotic for me. I had a lumbago at the gym and I was inactive. Basically I dragged myself like a big rag between my job and my home. Apart from that, I was most often lying on my bed because the standing and even sitting position was quite painful. I reassure you right away, I have recovered my back for a few weeks and it is much better. What come out again to take photos ?



Well that was without counting the Covid-19 which is rampant everywhere. At the time of writing this blog, France is confined. Judging by the incivism of some we wonder if this is really the case … The images of Parisians ignoring the recommendations when going out in parks and other public places is scarry. Even here on Reunion Island, people have defied the prohibitions to go to the beach. “We risk nothing, look at the beaches are empty and we are all several tens of meters away …“. Yes indeed it is, but it is a very individualistic and selfish attitude. Even if it seems to me that documenting this troubled period that we are going through is interesting from a photographic point of view, I also remain worried for the next few months and if we do not have a little discipline towards the recommendations of the government, the virus is likely to do a lot of damage … Furthermore my parents are old and it is out of the question that I take any risk that could put their health at stake. Some will surely flood social networks with photos of quite surprising street of the current situation, but personally the game is not worth it. Journalists will already document this situation.



All that to say that, for a while, I would surely take more photos of my little family than complete strangers in the streets. I will have to dig into my old photos to present you some in the next blogs that I will share. I have the impression that this situation will last a little while … I leave you with a last What you haven’t seen which includes the few photos made during these first 2 months of the year.


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8 thoughts on “What you haven’t seen : january & february 2020

  • John Harper

    I already watched your YouTube video, couldn’t find anywhere to comment though. Perhaps you turned comments off, which is probably just as well. I went back this morning to hit the ‘like’ because I know that’s important :-))

    Anyway, wonderful images as usual. Apart from the obvious threat of the virus (I want to keep this light and positive) it’s a shame you’ll not be able to keep up the documentation of Reunion, because I think you were beginning to get the feel for it.

    Keep Well. Keep Safe.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      I don’t understand quite well how works YouTube… Don’t ask me if I disabled the comments… Speaking of Reunion, I went through the pics of this year and I just can see sketches. It’s hard to get something. Nothing really consistent but I knew that if would be liked this. More time it’s needed to have a decent work

  • John Wilson

    Boy you are settling in and getting back to form! Sorry hear about back, that can make you miserable. Hope you and yours avoid this idiot virus, we are on confine to home here in New York State, etc..just out for grocery store, light exercise, medical visits. I at camp in Adirondacks having new kitchen island and stove installed. Please stay healthy and don’t injure yourself with workouts.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Hi John!

      Keep safe as well you and your family. This virus is just a pain in the ass. Everyday we see the number of dead people growing… Man is gonna last some weeks. Already one week confinement here and it looks like we’ve been locked down for ages… Did I mention that we have two little boys?…

  • Jan Jespersen

    Great images as always Jeff! Yes these days are hard. Especially for those who are going down with the serious symptoms of Corvid-19. Terrible times. Also social and psychological for all. Even though it is a minor thing, I already feel isolated, and the thought of not going out into the streets with my camera, or play music with my friends, train on my road bike with my girlfriend etc seems to stress me. But again, we have to think of others than ourselves. This is the way it has to be… Stay safe and healthy Jeff! Greetings from Denmark.