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We have been confined for more than 45 days. When this period started, the children were on holidays. Nothing has changed … Today the children are officially on vacation. In the meantime, my wife and I have spent all of our time teaching them school at home. One thing is certain, I am not made for that. Not enough patience and surely a lack of education too. But I don’t think we were too bad during this confinement. We hope that the deconfinement planned for May 11st in France will go well. Children should start school on May 18th. It is still conditional. In principle, we would like them to resume school, but we are awaiting more details on how to resume classes. The virus appears to be under control in Reunion Island. In the past two weeks, we have counted fewer than 20 cases.



Many people are eagerly awaiting May 11st, including me. But you have to be realistic. This May 11st will not be a return to the life of before … It will just be the beginning of a new phase. A phase of economic recovery. It will necessarily be different from what we have known before. We can play the old idiots and say: “It was better before …”. But it goes without saying that in the end, it will be!



Am I going to go out and take photos again in the streets of Saint-Denis ? Not immediately. I still have to take care of our move. This is also why we are impatiently awaiting the end of this confinement. On March 16th, we were preparing to move into our new home. The rest you know … We can’t wait to be home. The priority therefore remains our move. I also don’t know how it will work for me. Colleagues are pressuring our Chef to get me back to work to continue my training. It’s been two months already that I have been working at home and it’s starting to be a long time … The worst thing is that there are very few planes that land on Reunion Island. So very little traffic so that I can train. There too, many questions about what awaits me in the coming months.



Life will be articulated differently until a possible vaccine. Donald Trump has just declared that he is convinced that we will have a vaccine before the end of the year. Great news ! Finally it is also the one who said that we should use an oral bleach spray to kill the Covid-19 … We will continue to live with the fear of catching this damn virus. Things will have to be done differently. Also consume differently to avoid ending up in crowded places with the risk of being in contact with people carrying the virus. Still many unknowns. My mother has already made us washable masks. I already use them to go shopping. I do not see myself wearing them all day … Here on the island of Reunion, I already have the tan mark of glasses, we will have to get used to having the special tan mask !



This period marked a huge break in my street work. Since I started documenting the streets of Aix-en-Provence in 2016, I have never experienced such a long downtime. I cannot say that I have been lacking for the past two months. I was busy with other things and didn’t want to think about Street Photography. I consider that there is a time for everything. I suppose that many street photographers have braved confinement to document this unprecedented period that will mark history. Some photos will be documentary, but was it worth the risk?



Even if I had no lack regarding Street Photography, I still can’t wait to be able to come out of my house. To be able to wander the streets and observe the things where people. I do not yet know if these things will be possible in the near future. In any case, what is certain is that the aggressive close ups that I made will be prohibited ! That’s good, I have been doing a little less lately, preferring to capture scenes. The sanitary situation will force me to keep a certain distance from the people photographed. After the billions of photos of people on the phones shared on social networks, we will be entitled to a new fashion: people with masks, and surely on the phone too … At least we will be less pissed off with the  image right  ! Finally I tell you that, but personally I have never been bothered with this problem and yet I have a rather aggressive style …



Here. I don’t know what tomorrow will be made of. Will the practice of Street Photography change? I do not know. Things will be a little different for a while that’s for sure …

All photos were taken with the Ricoh GRD 4 and the GR in 2018.

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2 thoughts on “What’s next ?

  • John Harper

    Hi Jeff. My thoughts exactly regarding Street, perhaps you could get a 600mm for close up work 😉 I have a few more thoughts that I was planning on writing. All this time on my hands and can’t seem to make any to write a simple blog post! One thing I do like is to see expressions on faces, those “face bikinis” you have are going to put a stop to that, even without them there’ll be weird tan lines!
    I’m with you on school, although we’re not going to rush to get them back…over 30,000 deaths in the U.K. makes us think carefully about the children’s safety.
    Sounds as though you’re all okay on Reunion, that is great news and wonderful to hear. I’ve been meaning to email you, thing is I haven’t got any news to tell…it’s like Groundhog Day here!

    Cheers for now.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Things seem to be under control here on the island. Only one person in intensive care. No dead people… But the the newspaper just wonders if it was really the case. What if some people who passed out were not tested to see if the were infected by the Covid-19… Well we’ll never know.
      We will have to live with this nasty virus for a while. As I told you, I don’t feel like doing anything right now. I just wrote a few sentences last night and it ended up in a blogpost. I don’t feel like I have anything to share with other people. No more pics to share. I had to dig to find something unshared.
      You’re right about that groundhog day syndrome. Everyday it’s the same routine for us. Wake up. Breakfast. Cleaning the house. Homework with kids. Lunch. Break. Homework with kids. Tea time. Movie with kids. Shower. Dinner. Fun with the hamsters . Reading with kids. Netflix series. Sleep. . And it goes on…
      I should do like bull e Murray and try some weird stuffs, like rushing in the deserted streets to take some snapshots of dogs wandering in the streets…