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I do not know when was the last update of my site … Besides, in the About me page, it is always indicated that I live in Aix-en-Provence. It is not in itself very serious, I left Provence not too long ago, but it is time to put some order in certain sections. I had already indicated that I did not like post-processing very much and that I much preferred the time spent on the street to take photos. Well imagine that I like even less to update my site. And yet it is necessary so that the people passing on the site have a faithful image of my work. I stayed 2 months confined to my home and I did not even bother to update things. Since the end of the lockdown I went back to work. I take advantage of this weekend to rework my portfolio a little and also to put some order back on my site.



I feel like it’s a good time to put some order in my portfolio. It’s been over 2 months since I paused my street work. As I told you, I did not have a bad time raging against this virus which prevented me from leaving my home to do Street Photography. I considered this confinement as a period to recharge my batteries. Since I came back to Reunion Island, nothing was fluid in my way of taking photos. I made photos forcefully. It must be said that I had experienced a photographically busy  2019 year with trips to Paris, Bristol, Marseille and also Rome. I finished 2019 on the kneecaps. I needed this break. I do not know yet if things will be easier on the streets after these two months, but one thing is certain, I have the impression to live this moment like a rebirth.



Among the new photos that I will integrate into my portfolio, there are of course only photos taken since I returned to Reunion Island. Even if in the end it is quite normal, it is a bit my way to me to definitely turn my Aixoise page. It is surely there, that I have taken my most interesting photos so far, but my daily life is now 10,000 km away. My life is now in Saint-Denis, the capital of Reunion Island. These are the photos that I will take here from now on that count for me. No will to deny what I did for 3 years in Aix-en-Provence, but it is Reunion Island that I document now. Some photos from my Aix period will disappear to make place for more recent photos made in Reunion.



By uploading the photos I wanted to add to my portfolio, I realize that there are practically only photos for the Moments section. Nothing to change in the other sections that are: Fragments, Faces, Light & Shadows and Geometry. It is quite revealing of my photographic style which has evolved in recent months. I’m only interested in street scenes. These photos are much less flashy and demand a more proactive attitude from the viewer. It is necessary to analyze the photo to take into account all the elements of the composition. If you are too lazy to have a look in my portfolio. Here are the new photos that I have integrated into my site.



All the photographs were made with the Ricoh GR and GRD4.

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4 thoughts on “Website update

  • John Harper

    I rarely bother with mine, and I should because there’s so much in the galleries that I don’t even like any more. Lot’s isn’t relative to what I’m doing nowadays, the projects section is another area that needs attention. In fairness I agreed to decorate the house during lockdown, I haven’t lifted a paintbrush yet! Of course I like the new inclusions, particularly pleased you included the lady on the beach, it’s a true piece of documentary or storytelling. I admire your resolve to get the website updated, I’ll send you the password and you can sort out the mess on my site 😉 What I’m really pleased to hear is that you seem to have a desire to get out with your camera again.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Ah ah. Well, next update in many years from now… I want to go outside walking my camera but hadn’t the opportunity yet… May be tomorrow I will go sooner to get the kids back from school and take a little time taking some snapshots. I ‘m presently setting up my new timetable for my job. For the moment I’ m just doing air-street-phoography… Its like air guitar… Street photography without a camera. While driving to work, I just notice interesting sceneries which could be worth capturing. And i’m happy to see that my eyes keep seeing things. Need to dust off the cameras now..

      • John Harper

        Hahaha…air photography sounds more my style. Actually I read recently of a couple of photographers who have snapped away for over forty years, both say that they carry a camera wherever they go but never release the shutter. I’m not suggesting you do that, I want to see the results…😉

        • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

          I would definitely click if I had a camera with me. I would be too frustrated not to… But since I started street photography, I ‘ve always been more aware of what it’s happening around me. My eyes have always since then analysed my surrounding looking for something photographable. I see really good sceneries at the moment. Doesn’t mean that I would make good photos, but there’s raw material out here and that’s a good thing