T.M.E in Reunion Island 4

For the past week, I have come out of hibernation a bit. The Pentax/Ricoh episode that I told you about in my previous blog had the effect of waking me up. I wanted to dust off my GoPro. Imagine that I did not even know how to use it ! I bought it last August before coming here. I had used it very little because I was quite busy. I nevertheless looked in the internal memory and I found some videos made last year that I hadn’t even worked on. I found some photos related to this video and I assembled everything to have this last T.M.E made in Aix-en-Provence. You can see below what it is.




Not really unforgettable photos in this T.M.E. There is only one photograph that I really like, that of the man who walks with his two dogs. It is also one of the places where I loved taking photos. Gaston de Saporta Street. I lived for a few years a few meters where the photo was taken. I know the grocery stores in the area where I used to do my shopping. End of the flashback to Aix-en-Provence.



As I told you, my life now takes place in Reunion Island and I will mainly talk about my new photos without constantly looking back at what I have done for the past four years. I hesitated for a long time on the title of this Blog. I wondered if I was going to call it Behing This Shot: The Stalker. Of course related to the photo that opens this Blog. For many people, we can be compared to people who stalk people on the street. Even if I have a rather aggressive style sometimes, not hesitating to go very close to people, I very rarely harass people. For this photo, I had spotted this young girl from quite a distance and I followed her without knowing exactly how I could take a photo. In the end the result exceeded all my expectations and confirms that I was right to follow it for a few tens of meters. I let you see the video below.



At the end of the video, you see that the girl realized that I was taking photos of her. It is quite difficult to go unnoticed with a GoPro attached to the hot shoe of my Ricoh GR … I like this photo because there are several layers and also gestures. This kind of photo is quite difficult to make because everything is done in motion. I was constantly staring at my screen to wait for the right moment to click. Here too, special attention has been taken to avoid overlapping characters. It is a fundamental element for me. I wrote a blog about it here last September.



This little T.M.E session was done before I went to pick up Ronan, my little boy, at school. I had very little time at my disposal and I started to rush in the streets. Not the best way to do Street Photography, I grant you, but I wanted to see as many situations as possible. Unfortunately, when you don’t take the time, you miss out on a lot of things … In this second video, I went down the shopping artery of Saint-Denis. You can see the density of people in the streets. It was quiet because it was a weekday around 3:00 p.m. It gets denser after 4pm. But clearly, there are people only on Saturdays. Apart from this day, it is very very calm in the streets of Saint-Denis … It is bad luck, I can only go to take pictures on weekdays before 3.30 PM … Will have to do with it!



This last video was made up the rue Maréchal Leclerc to pick up Ronan at school. Nothing unforgettable also in these photos.


This last video concludes my first session in the streets of Saint-Denis with my GoPro. As you can see in the pictures, the weather was overcast and did not offer a superb light. Yes, it is not always sunny in Reunion, contrary to what you may think.

I put here the interesting photos taken during these T.M.E videos.



All the photographs were made in the streets of Saint-Denis (Reunion Island).

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4 thoughts on “T.M.E in Reunion Island

  • John Harper

    It has to be said that most “stalkers” are looking for a lot more than you are! Imagine explaining to the police: “I was just trying to create some layers without any overlapping” 😉
    Great to see you’re out and about again, at least that’s one thing we can thank Ricoh/Pentax for. Excellent as always Jeff, enjoyed the videos on Youtube very much.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      I could have add that cutting off some limbs or heads would give some mystery to the photo… Not sure that they would agree or understand. I guess that the worst thing in the street would be to be creepy. You can be close to people but if it’s not a creepy way, it’s OK I guess… Well from my point of view.
      I’m basically roaming in the same street lately because I don’t have time to go anywhere else. But I ‘m OK with that. It’s some kind of routine and I like it.

      • John Harper

        Hahaha…I think they take a dim view of limb and head removal! Plus I’d need to confess about my many other crimes against Photography, one look through my archives and I’d get five years for sure, released after three years for good behaviour and a promise not to hold a camera ever again.
        Good to see you out again and settling into a routine.