Farewell YouTube 6

I had started posting slideshows on YouTube just before I moved to Reunion Island. I had found there a way to share my photos with a larger number of people than on my website. Of course, I was already no longer present on Instagram or Facebook. I was quite happy to have finally been able to cut off from social networks, but I still kept a foot in the social sphere.


Today I decided to leave YouTube as well. I think that what I do is not interesting to many people. For several months now I have noticed that the number of visitors is quite low and decreasing. I could say that the niche I occupy is not selling. A guy who takes pictures of Reunion Island with a 10 years old camera … Well, there are better ways to attract people.



You must be thinking “Hey Jeff, what if it’s just from your work? Yes, that could be it too. Which makes me say that I’ve done the whole YouTube thing. I’ve got enough perspective on my work and I know what it’s worth. I also know that it is complicated to be heard because there are so many people doing Street Photography. I never did it to be known or to be recognized.



What will happen to my photos that I used to show in my slideshows? I will try to share more of them on my Blog. It’s true that since I started sharing them on YouTube, I’ve been writing less. I’m not hiding from it. My Blogs were excuses to show you my work. Well, there was some substance to it sometimes, but it allowed me to share with you pictures that I liked. Since I had started to make monthly selections, I was jealously saving photos for YouTube and the quality of the photos in my Blogs was getting poorer…



This wasn’t really what I wanted to do initially when I made my website. My website and my Blog were to be the place where my work would be visible first. I got a bit lost with YouTube as I was with Facebook and Instagram…



So that’s it. I’m refocusing on my site only. Is this the right choice? I don’t know, but in any case, it’s the choice I’m making.



All the photos were made with the Ricoh GRD IV.

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6 thoughts on “Farewell YouTube

  • John Harper

    It’s their loss is all I can say Jeff. I’m not sure whether it’s a right or wrong decision, it’s yours and you know how you feel. I think your points are valid though. No one is really interested in slideshows on YouTube. They want slick production and the latest cameras. The work anyone produces seems almost irrelevant, true of YouTube and the rest of social media. Instagram is basically short videos now, ‘reels’ I think they call them. Copying TikTok essentially. If it’s not that it’s adverts that they think you’re interested in because you looked at a pair of shoes on Google. People rarely see photos on their timelines anymore and seldom react unless it’s a glory shot. Your photography is so much better than anything else I see. Actually I think you’re abandoning a sinking ship, the ‘S.S. Social Media’ is sinking fast. A lot of people have simply had enough of it, they see through it and are realising how shallow it all is.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Does a tree make noise when it falls if no one is there to hear it?
      I will miss nobody. The thing is that I don’t fit in the social media. I tried to play the game but realised quickly that it was pointless for me.
      After leaving Facebook and Instagram I was afraid because I didn’t know exactly if I was doing street for me or was it just for recognition on social media. I now know the answer. Leaving YouTube is easier. I know where I’m going and add I said I ve enough perspective on my work. I don’t need any approval. My only concern is that it’s one more step in the shadow. Well that’s the way it is!

  • Deborah Swain

    Interesting thoughts here…I think TikTok is having an enormous and negative impact on all social media. Attention spans will never stretch to watching an entire slide show!! Instagram is chasing TikTok traffic now too … I’m slowly making my peace with the shift in the target demographic of social media. I’m 54 now and was there at the beginning of the Internet, let alone social media, but slowly and surely I’m feeling I should be jumping that sinking ship too, instead of continuing to feed the monster.
    Great photos here (as always) …

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      My elder son who is 13 years old is into tik tok, instagram… I can’t really understand that tik tok thing. He can spend hours watching this insane thing. On Instagram, he only look at the stories of other people. He asks me to make photos of him and doesn’t even share them properly…. He only adds them in stories
      Even Facebook is going the same way as tik tok proposing those shorts. Tik tok like videos…
      I don’t feel at the right place on social media. May be i’m getting old and starting to become one of those grumpy old man complaining about new technologies…

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      gracias amigo, me harté de YouTube y nadie miraba realmente mis fotos, así que por eso decidí acabar con la cosa …propondré de vez en cuando algunos slideshows en mi webstite. ¡Estén atentos!