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Cette phrase est tirée de l’interview que j’ai donnée à Tim Huynh, il y a pas très longtemps. Vous pouvez d’ailleurs lire  l’intégralité sur son Blog ici. L’anecdote que je rapportais était la suivante : J’avais commenté une photo de Cédric Roux que je suis sur Facebook. C’est un gars talentueux qui ne shoote qu’en couleur. Une photo avait attiré mon attention et je lui avais dit que celle là serait pas mal en N&B. La réponse pleine d’humour a été lapidaire : Eh Jeff, on est en 2018 !



Cette phrase m’a inspiré ce Blog. Comme je suis en plein introspection sur mon travail en ce moment, je me suis amusé à rassembler les photos que j’avais en couleur. Elles ne sont pas légion. Il y a des photos que j’ai traitées qu’en couleur et d’autres dont je n’étais pas sûr et qui ont aussi une version monochrome. Pour caricaturer un peu, certains photographes qui ne shootent en couleur disent que “Le Noir & Blanc n’est qu’un filtre Instagram”. Ceux qui ne shootent qu’en Noir & Blanc, citent Ted Grant : “When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. When you photograph people in B&W, you photograph their souls.”



Oui comme je l’ai dit, c’est assez caricatural. Je connais pas mal de photographes qui ont commencé à photographier en N&B avant de ne faire que de la couleur. Youngjae Lim, Yannis Bautrait, Vasco Trancoso ou encore Tim Huynh. Pourquoi ce changement radical ? Ce qui est sûr c’est que shooter en couleur et N&B est totalement différent. Du temps où j’utilisais mon Fuji XE2, j’utilisais le filtre N&B pour avoir l’image en N&B dans le viseur. What You See Is What You Get ! Ces filtres m’ont permis d’éduquer mon oeil au Noir & Blanc. De savoir quels rendus allaient avoir les photos. On voit le monde en couleur et le N&B donne un rendu totalement différent. Ça permet de se concentrer sur les formes, les textures, les contrastes. Ces choses sont difficiles à appréhender si on a pas l’habitude. Mais en faisant l’éducation de son œil, ces choses deviennent naturelles et aujourd’hui, avec mon Ricoh GRD IV, je travaille en RAW et en couleur (Mon appareil est trop vieux pour gérer le filtre N&B correctement…). Je photographie en couleur, mais les photos sont très souvent pensées en Noir & Blanc.



Concernant la couleur, je dois reconnaître que ce n’est pas trop mon truc. J’aimerai shooter plus en couleur, mais j’ai du mal à trouver mon style. Quand la couleur s’impose pour une photo, je n’hésite pas. Mais très souvent, je trouve que la couleur ne rajoute rien à la photo et je préfère le N&B. Je pense sincèrement que c’est un état d’esprit. Et vraisemblablement, mon état d’esprit est plutôt en monochrome. Je suis beaucoup influencé aussi par les photographes que j’aime beaucoup : William Klein, Garry winogrand, Trent Parke, Daido Moriyama



Voilà en pied de nez à ceux qui pensent que je ne photographie qu’en Noir & Blanc, j’ai rassemblé quelques photos en couleur dans ce diaporama. Vous devez déjà avoir vu certaines d’entre elles en couleur et même en N&B. C’est une partie extrêmement infime de mon travail qui est pratiquement qu’en N&B !





Man, this is 2018 !



This quote is from the interview I gave Tim Huynh not too long ago. You can also read the entirety on his Blog here. The anecdote that I reported was the following : I commented on a photo of Cédric Roux that I follow on Facebook. He is a talented guy who shoots only in color. A photo had caught my attention and I told him that this one would be pretty good in B & W. The humorous answer was pithy : Eh Jeff, this is 2018 !



This sentence inspired me this Blog. As I’m introspecting on my work right now, I had fun collecting the pictures I had in color. I don’t have so many… There are pictures that I treated in color and others that I was not sure and that also have a monochrome version. To caricature a little, some photographers who shoot in color say that “The Black & White is only an Instagram filter”. Those who shoot in Black & White, quote Ted Grant : “When you photograph people in color, you photograph their clothes. When you photograph people in B & W, you photograph their souls. “



Yes, as I said, it’s pretty caricatural. I know a lot of photographers who started shooting in B&W before switching to color. Youngjae Lim, Yannis Bautrait, Vasco Trancoso or Tim Huynh. Why this radical change ? What is certain is that shooting in color or B&W is a totally different mindset. When I was using my Fuji XE2, I used the B&W filter to get the B&W image in the viewfinder. What You See Is What You Get ! These filters allowed me to educate my eye to Black & White. To know which renderings were going to have the photos. We see the world in color and the B&W gives a totally different feeling. It allows you to focus on shapes, textures, contrasts. These things are hard to grasp if you are not used to it. But by educating ones eye, these things become natural and today, with my Ricoh GRD IV, I work in RAW and color (My camera is too old to handle the B&W filter correctly …). I photograph in color, but with a B&W mindset.



Regarding the color, I must admit that this is not my thing. I would like to shoot more in color, but I can not find my style. When color is needed for a photo, I do not hesitate. But very often, I find that the color does not add anything to the photo and I prefer the B&W. I honestly think it’s a state of mind. And presumably, my state of mind is rather in monochrome. I’m also very influenced by the photographers I really admire : William Klein, Garry winogrand, Trent Parke, Daido Moriyama



That’s up to those who think that I only photograph in Black & White, I gathered some color photos in this slideshow. You must have already seen some of them in color and even in B & W. It’s an extremely small part of my job that is practically only in B & W !



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5 thoughts on “Man, this is 2018 !

  • Vasco+Trancoso

    Hi Jeff!

    Congrats for one more interesting article. Once more I´m grateful that you do not forget my work.

    But I must be sincere. Friends never lie. Your color photos are really great!

    I love more your color work because allows you to highlight certain elements in an image and grab our attention more. I feel color brings out in your images an extra meaning and better depth / layers / tridimensionality – improving object recognition and associations inside frame.

    Of course it is only one opinion and you must follow your heart. And we know that both B & W Photography and Color can be great and Art.

    The evolution of a photographer is done mainly in an instinctive way. Things happen gradually and intuitively without being programmed. And sometimes they surprises us.
    It is true that now I´m shooting only in color. And it just happened without thinking about it.

    When sometimes people ask me why I´m doing now Photograpy only in colors I answer that it is because I have color memories and I dream in color. But what interests me more is the emotion of the images through the use at same time of shadow and color rendering.



    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Thanks Vasco !

      I guess that the more you photography in color, the more you understand how to use it. I have a basic approach of the color photography. I don’t think I already master completely the color factor. As you said, I finally understood that color and layers work perfectly ! You used the term “tridimensionality” and that’s it !
      Color is reality and Black & White is the interpretation of the reality. We all see the world in color, but somehow, I still have a preference for the monochrome. I guess that I’m influenced by the photographs I really admire even if I have a few photobooks in color (The suffering of light and The last resort). I know that I could improve my color photography by sticking with color for a while. Not today, may be one day ! 😉

      Thanks for dropping by Vasco! Best regards

  • John Harper

    I was going to touch on this subject when I write up my latest trip. Colour deals with reality, Black and White often doesn’t. B&W can also simplify an otherwise complicated scene. There’s no right or wrong, digital gives us all the choice. I’d say that if you ever get to one of those moments where you can’t decide which looks better then it’s probably a really great shot, it works in either, eventually the photographer will go with their preferred medium. People often post photos in both saying they can’t decide, you’ll see lots of comments from people telling them which they prefer…

    There are some cracking images in your slide show btw, which I don’t think I’ve seen before. Particularly like the old lady with her finger to her lips…now that’d look good in Black and White….;-)

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Hey John,

      Great mind think alike ! when I saw the photo selected by LFI, I told to myself that we were thinking of the same thing. We are tagged as B&W photographers but sometimes it’s cool to go colour ! As you said, digital photography allows us to choose afterwards what medium we are going to use. Even if most of the time I have B&W mindset when I’m in the street, I’m open-minded to color cos I shoot in color. I’m looking forward reading your Blog on Las Vegas to see what you came back with ! Hurry up !
      This Lady was a happy encounter in a village not far from mine. She was just sunbathing at the entrance of her house and I chatted a moment with her. I have to look at it in mono. I just processed it in color because of her lovely flourish dress ! 😉

      • John Harper

        It’s a tremendous shot and the dress lends itself well to colour for sure.

        The Vegas blog is taking a while, the sheer volume of photos!! It’s going to be a long one or at least one with plenty of images.