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Some time ago, I decided to create my YouTube channel. A way to host my T.M.E videos but also my slideshows on the platform of Google. The main reason was to free up bandwidth on my hosting site, may also be able to post bigger videos because WordPress only allows videos up to 100 MB. Videos are also smoother because hosted by YouTube.

This channel is unpretentious and besides, as you can see, I only have 12 subscribers and most of them are friends ! At the moment I have very little time to write blogs with the move. Besides, I have almost no opportunity to go take pictures. There is a time for everything and at the moment, it is mainly the move that takes up all my time. I was planning to write more Blogs on my Parisian weekend which was very rich, but I do not have the time and make a slideshow to share the photos seems more appropriate.

I am aware that some photos deserve a little more attention than 3 seconds drowned in a slideshow, but I miss the time and at least I would have shared even if they are not highlighted. You can find the related slideshow from Paris below.



Some weeks ago, I also compiled a slideshow What you have not seen # 4 and I did not have time to share it. You’ll find it on my YouTube channel or else below. The photos are not immemorial, even rather forgettable, but as I have often said, these imperfect photos are useful to understand what has not worked and what remains to improve.



You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.



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John Harper
11 months ago

Writing a blog is time consuming and often it’s knowing what to actually write about. Lately my own consist of; Went to Bath. Took a load of crap shots. Here’s the photos. So, I can see that posting a slideshow on YouTube is a great idea. It shares the images. One problem for me is that I don’t go on there very often or login to my google account. I wouldn’t know if you’d posted a video. Turn on notifications I suppose, but they’re off for everything else. Perhaps you could send an email when you post something new to… Read more »