What you haven’t seen : August 2019 4

It’s been almost 3 years since this blog exists. It has evolved a lot since my first article and the content too. I have tried to expand the topics with the progressively T.M.E (Through My Eyes) and for some time, I decided to share with you my photos in slideshows. I could have posted these photos in Blogsposts, but I did not want to drown the reading under dozens of photos. The other reason is that I shoot a lot and so far so many of these photos were dusting my hard drive. I had found a way to show them by occasionally making a slideshow called What You Have not Seen # xxx. I decided to change the frequency of publication of these slideshows by offering it every month.



This slideshow is the first in a long series that will be published every month and that will gather the photos that I will not have had the time to share with you. They will be more or less long according to what I will have to share. For this month of August, Aix-en-Provence is in the spotlight. I did not have time to share these photos because I essentially shared photos of my recent trips in Rome and Marseille.



This is the last summer I spent in Aix-en-Provence. It makes me a little heartache because I was at home in this city. Even though I spent quite a bit of time in the streets of Aix during this month, I had a lot of photos. The slideshow below is very long if you have enough courage to watch it through.




All the photographs were made during the month of August 2019 with the Ricoh GR and GRD 4.


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4 thoughts on “What you haven’t seen : August 2019

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      I pretty like the opening photo. I wasn’t expecting anything this day. I was out to get a parcel and it started raining heavy showers. I had to wait for the end of the rain before heading to get my delivery. What I like about the rain is that after that, the colours are beautiful even if there is little light. It was the case here where I captured this gentle gesture and the colour matching of this guy. Like most of the time in the streets don’t expect anything but be ready to capture the unexpected

      • John Harper

        You managed to capture a lot of gestures, or mimicking gestures, in that slideshow. Also some nice separation, that’s where I struggle, too many overlapping people if I get close. Liked that one with the lined ceiling and the hats too. Top notch Jeff.

        • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

          When I’m shooting, I try to spot sceneries, but my main concerns are to avoid overlapping people and of course I try to look for gestures. I really focus on theses two elements. I like to have a clear frame. In the slideshow the last photo is very charcateristic of what I’m trying to do in the streets presently. I spotted the beautiful lady and I compose the picture before adding her in the frame. My concern here was to have enough separation between the people. Her attitude is just bonus. I like this picture because it’s a clear composition. When things get messy and I’m very close to people, I have the same concerns but separation comes first. You can have gestures but if the composition is messy with overlapping characters, the photo will be ruined. But if you avoid overlapping people, even with litle gestures the photo will be ok. Not saying that it will be a great one but it’s the first step. May be the most important thing for me.
          You gave me a nice Blog idea : Clear frame