Toulouse 2019 : Part 2 2

I’m in transit in Aix-en-Provence as I write this blog. I left the city of Toulouse yesterday and so I finished these 3 weeks there. In a few hours I will take the train that will take me to the airport of Charles de Gaulle to fly to join my family on the Island of Reunion. It’s been a while since I’m waiting for this moment. Besides, it’s funny, it’s a one-way ticket. The last time I took a ticket of this type, it was in 1990 when I left my parents’ home to settle in the city of Perpignan for my studies. It’s quite symbolic to take a one-way ticket. That means we do not come back … In fact I could have taken a round trip in 1990 and plan this return in 2019 !



My training in Toulouse ended yesterday and you will have no Toulouse Part 3. My last week there was very dense with a lot of work and very little time spent on photography. By selecting the photos I was going to share in the slideshows, I realized that I had spent a lot of time in the Rue de Metz. It’s a big street that took me downtown. 90% of my photos were taken in this street that I came to know and appreciate. I’m not sure it’s a very touristy street. For those who know a little Toulouse, outside the Rue de Metz, I also loved to take pictures at Place des Carmes and that is really alive as a place.



You will see in the slideshow that I also went to the Stadium to see the team of Toulouse Football Club (Téfécé for connoisseurs). I promised my boys to bring them football shirts. Ok it’s less glitzy than those of As Roma or Liverpool FC that I brought them from my trips in these cities, but my boys do not care. They love football ! The TFC has had better seasons, but this year is complicated and moreover, following the defeat against the Girondins de Bordeaux, the coach was sacked … The match was pleasant even if the team lost the game. 3-1. Finally it was not the opinion of the fans who were behind me.



During these 3 weeks, I could not walk all the streets of Toulouse to do Street Photography. I rarely had a lot of time except weekends. That’s why I often stayed on the Rue de Metz. It was not far from my hotel … I had a lot of fun taking pictures in Toulouse. I spotted I think some street photographers. They are easily recognizable, as I must be. From the beginner with his reflex and his telephoto lens that put himself in front of the pedestrian crossings, the most discreet with their Fuji X100 or equivalent who shot while walking. By cons no Ricoh GR …



I compiled in this second slideshow the photos of the rest of my stay in Toulouse. For those who wonder why I always use the same music on my slideshows, the reason is very simple. YouTube systematically blocks for copyright reasons videos using music submitted to copyright. It sounds different with some artists like Mutual Benefit or Bill Ryder Jones. These are artists I love and apparently their record companies are more tolerant. I always notify at the beginning of the slideshow the music I used and the artist as well. Here it will be my second and last slideshow on Toulouse.



All the photographs were made with the Ricoh GR in the streets of Toulouse. See you around ! I’m almost ready to embark in the plane that will take me back home !

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2 thoughts on “Toulouse 2019 : Part 2

  • John Harper

    A good photograph ask questions of the viewer, so; What’s going on with that guy in the bow tie surrounded by the Gendarmes? I muted the music, I know what you’re trying to do…as it happens they’re just as good with or without music 😉
    I see Street Photographers all the time in Bath, like you say, some are much more obvious than others. Some beginners, others discreet experts. I’d love to see their take on it all.
    Have a good trip and in the words of Crowded House “everywhere you go, always take the weather with you” 😉

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      A good photograph is a good liar as well… Or tells stories. You know it’s just another photo captured during those yellow vests walk. I think it’s the father of the bride asking to the police if the cars could get close to the city Hall. Apparently no… I love the contrast between the handsome man and all these policemen.