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Google has developed an application that allows bloggers to monitor the traffic to their website. The application in question is called Google Analytics. It is a powerful tool that gives you information on the origin of connections. Besides, it’s precise enough to give you the cities ! It’s quite funny sometimes to see that someone on the other side of the world has visited my site. I still do not think I have seen connections from Russia or China … I have to believe that my blog must deal with subversive topics and must be censored !



The most important thing in this app is the detail on the pages visited. In this case for my site, it is about the pages of blogs. There is very little passage on the portfolio part. I think it’s the blog part that brings traffic. I had discussed with a friend who was creating his website. He only wanted to highlight his portfolio on his site and nothing else. Basically use it as a showcase. I specify that he is an amateur photographer like me and not a professional. I just told him he should consider having a blog part because that’s what brings in traffic and that’s what makes people come back. With a little blog, we go from a static website to something alive. That’s why I quickly created a blog section on my site.



What is true is that it takes time. Writing articles, finding topics … To talk more specifically about my blog, I had until a while ago a target for writing dozens of articles : social networks and of course the behaviors related to those this. For a year, I left Facebook and at the beginning of the year I did the same with Instagram. Each passing day moves me a little more than a hypothetical return on these platforms. Frankly, I have absolutely no desire to return. Anyway, if it’s to become embittered and constantly complaining in blogs, it will be a holiday for everyone that I keep away from Facebook and Instagram.



When I spent a few days in Bristol, my English teacher pointed out that Blogging was also some kind of social interaction. She is not wrong on this point, but the only difference is that I share what I want, and I do not have to suffer the innumerable ads, nor the posts of others. I decide to go to blogs or sites that interest me and I do not let myself dictate what I have to see. Besides, how did one do before the event of platforms like Facebook or Instagram ? People had blogs and they were going to see other people’s blogs.



To return to my blog, it’s quite interesting to see the most read pages over time. I clearly saw a difference between when I was on social media and when I completely broke with them. The most read articles so far are those related to the Ricoh GR 3 (nearly 700 views). Those who follow are related to the gear (fuji XE2, ricoh GR or ricoh GRD4), but at a much lower level (~ 200 to 300). Clearly, if you want to attract people, you have to talk about gear. Personally, I never wrote these topics on purpose and told myself that it would make a number. It’s just a statement I make. I wrote a lot about GRD4 because it’s a camera I love. Besides, I have just cracked and buy a second hand one again … We will discuss again in a future blog ! What is amazing is to see that even after several months (even years), some blogs on the GRD4 are still read by some ! I remind you that this camera is almost 9 years old. As I told you, since I cut the bridges with social networks, my articles peak at maximum 40 readings. It’s weak I grant you but it’s like the photo, I do it for me.



My most read article to date is the interview I did with Olivier Duong, one of the co-founder of Inspired Eye. He is a guy I really like with whom I sympathized and it was important to me to do his interview. He shared the interview in his newsletter and I must have nearly 4000 views for this blog ! It was just huge but obviously it is not representative of the attendance of my blog. Other articles related to Fuji XE2 were also read a lot because of HP Chavaz, a photographer whose work I appreciate very often shared my blogs on the platform Scoop.It  (If you’re using Fuji Gear, you should check this)



Two things emerge from the small study that I conducted on the attendance of my site. The first is that it is obvious that the presence on social networks increases more than significantly the traffic on my blog. Which is completely normal ; you touch a lot more people. The second thing is that articles on gear still attract many more readers. What I particularly like is that regularly I have people who arrive on my Blog from a Google search (organic). Which already means that my site is well referenced, but also that these people did not come by chance and that it is for a very precise reason.



This year so far, nearly 7,000 sessions have been recorded on my blog for just over 3,000 unique visitors. These numbers show that people are coming back to my site. My blog is a little over 3 years old today. Even if at the moment, I do not blog much, I still enjoy writing these articles and sharing with you photographic journey.

All photos were made with the Ricoh GR on Reunion Island.

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6 thoughts on “3 years of blogging

  • John Wilson

    For me it started with a wonderful site in England called MACFILOS, mostly a Leica site the contributors also use and write articles using other equipment. That’s when on Macfilos I started reading about RICOH,and articles by a Leica Ricoh user Mr. Jean Perenet, a true gentlemen who shared his insites

    and knowledge with followers on Macfilos and he referred me to your site. What a beautiful site it is, and now like Mr.Perenet I also a Leica Ricoh user. Just ordered a used GRD4 to go with my GR2, did not order the 21mm because that would only fit my 2 and not the 4! The knowledge and joy these two sites bring to me are not qualifiable, and the sites you refer us to are also highly appreciated. Thank you Jeff I consider it a privilege to be associated with you by being a follower of your site.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Thanks John for these kind words. I’ve always been amazed to see that some people find interesting what I’m writing. Of course I write and share my feelings and my point of view on different topics related to photography but frankly it’s a kind of therapy. I’m not sick but it makes me feel good to write things down. For a long time I kept writing rants about social media because I hated it. I hated the way people used it. Writing blogs was some kind of rantroom! I understood that I wasn’t made for this kind of platforms where superficiality is the norm.
      Now I write for myself and it’s more of a personal photographic notebook that I share with people.
      Thanks a lot for following my journey!

      Best regards

  • John Harper

    Putting the blogging to one side for a moment…what about the photographs? Wow! The Lion Tattoo and boy. The Little girl in the white dress and sunglasses. Even though there’s no person involved the shot with the curtains blowing though the open window, very good…it’s all top notch Jeff.
    I reckon I’ve recorded 7,000 sessions on my own 😉 It’s a great blog for photographers, that’s why it’s become established and why people keep coming back. I find gear related posts really boring, I’ve written a couple and they’re the most popular on my blog. I say they’re boring, but actually if you’re about to purchase some gear they’re fascinating and a huge help in the decision process. It’s been three and a half years since I purchased anything photography related apart from books. Anyway, for a man who has shunned social media and moved to an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean good going. Keep it up, next year you’ll hit 14,000.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      I just hope that I don’t sound like someone craving for thousands of visitors on my blog with this figure thing. What I particularly appreciate is to see people coming back or coming for rhee first time with an organic research (mostly Google). I have to confess that most of the time, it’s related to the Ricoh GRD 4.Very few people talk about this iconic camera nowadays and apparently there are still people interested by this old camera.
      I shoot very little at this time. I could count my clicks. That said, I take advantage of every little moment to try to grab something. The curtain photo was taken in the parking in front of the ATC tower where I work. I ran into that little girl dressed in white while going to buy some French fries for kids. And as I was waiting for the damn fries at the bar, I saw this guy with his tiny tattoo… Next time I will try to find if nothing is photographable in the restroom…

  • Steve

    J’ai trouvé ce blog en cherchant de l’inspiration sur le ricoh GR que j’ai avec moi. Puis, en parcourant ses pages, j’ai de plus en plus apprécié votre état d’esprit, la simplicité qui en ressort, l’absence de fautes d’orthographe de plus en plus rare, hélas, et surtout, vos photos, bien sûr ! Bonne continuation.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Ce blog me ressemble. Je ne parle que de choses qui m’interpellent et qui me font grandir en tant que photographe. Tout ce dont je parle, je l’ai expérimenté dans la rue. Je n’ai aucune autre ambition que de partager ma passion pour la Street Photography. Même si on peut me taxer d’être un ricoh fanboy, je ne pense pas l’être. J’ai juste trouvé avec cet appareil, l’outil parfait pour moi.
      C’est toujours plaisant de voir que des personnes ont découvert mon site en faisant des recherches sur le ricoh gr.