Cover up that bosom … 3

Cover up that bosom, which I can’t endure to look on : – Par de pareils objets les âmes sont blessées, -Et cela fait venir de coupables pensées.


A quick rant against YouTube. Yesterday evening I posted a slideshow of my photos taken in January. This morning, I had the unpleasant surprise to receive an email from YouTube telling me that the thumbnail of my video was censored because it violated YouTube’s policy on nudity and sex … I’ll give you the text of the mail below.



So what Jeff? Are you sharing porn pictures now? Well I admit that I had voluntarily put this photo in thumbnail to illustrate my slideshow. But I was far from thinking that I was going to shock YouTube moderators with its content! I took this photo because I wondered why they had gone so far as to reproduce the nipples on the breasts of this clothes dummy. The devil is in the details ! I showed this photo to my wife who told me that this dummy must surely come out of a sex shop. Ah yes, I had not thought of that … Anyway, I find the censorship of YouTube disproportionate. They’re not even real nipples ! In any case, I escape a more serious sanction with the strike on my YouTube channel. So I had to quickly rebricate a thumbnail to escape YouTube censorship. So where it is rant is that they censored the thumbnail, but not the content! Basically exit the nipples on the thumbnail, but I can keep them in the slideshow. Is there any logic? No, just a lot of hypocrisy from YouTube …



I put the video in question back to you. It is clear that it slams less there and I can say goodbye to my thousands of views! 😉




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