Behind this shot : red lips & white arrow 3

I had already told you that the sanitary situation on Reunion Island was slowly deteriorating with the first cases of the South African variant. Well, the numbers are not good and we are entitled to curfew at 10 p.m. What does it change ? Not much I have to say. It is supposed to avoid parties or family meals in the evening. No more restaurants and bars after the curfew too. Otherwise no more restrictions. It looks like a lukewarm measure to spare the economy of the island which is already badly battered by the Covid crisis. 3 large shopping malls were also closed to avoid crowded places. No problem, people go elsewhere to shop. Not sure that this is really effective … In short, nothing really changes on the island, apart from the number of people infected by the covid which is increasing.

Not having had much time to hang out in the streets of Saint-Denis this week, I took advantage of two short hours this Saturday just for me to walk my Ricoh GRD4. I already told you, during the week, the city is rather empty and it comes alive a little after 4 p.m. It is in principle at this time that I pick up the children at the end of the school to bring them home. Saturday is something else with a lot of people flocking to the streets to shop. Usually I take the children to their scooter lessons on Saturday mornings, but my wife offered to take care of it yesterday so I took the opportunity to take pictures in Saint-Denis.

Barely parked, I come face to face with this sexy red nipple. Finally limit a little vulgar. If I had a little girl, OMG never would I have bought her something so suggestive. Finally, that is not the point. This Saturday, I am very happy to come across it. It launches, one could not better, my little trip in the streets of Saint-Denis. The problem is that the place where I am is absolutely not passing. We will have to be creative to highlight this nipple. Note it is sufficient on its own with this bright red. I tried different things, playing with the contrasts offered by the morning sun. I knew it was going to be something very minimalist. I underexposed and that’s when I realized that the ground marking offered me another interesting element. It’s that white arrow.

Of course this arrow only appears because I have moved the sliders under Lighroom to darken a good part of the image. OK that’s not really what my eyes saw, but it’s the image I had on my LCD screen because I used the underexposure to get what I wanted on my screen. That’s the point of shooting with the screen. WYSIWYG: as the Anglo Saxons say, What You See Is What You Get!

I don’t usually take such graphic photos because I have a different approach on the street, more straightforward. But there, I spent a good ten minutes trying to compose something with this scarlet red nipple.

All photos were taken with the Ricoh GRD4.

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3 thoughts on “Behind this shot : red lips & white arrow

  • John Harper

    It works and you worked the scene. I think anyone can tell your passion for photography, it’s wholly evident to all when we see a photographer spend ten minutes getting this shot. Of course it’s not your usual style, but I’m guessing you could turn your eye and lens to any subject matter and produce outstanding work.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      I looked closely to the shot and it appears that this picture is out of focus! The idea was interesting but the result is not what I really expected. I realised that after writing the blog and considered that I should share the blog anyway. I used the macro mode to be close to the nipple but I think that this mode is not working very good on my camera… I often have some focus issues. In this case, the nipple and the arrow are out of focus even if it was at f8 because of the macro mode… Well the idea was good but the rest is so so 😂

      • John Harper

        …but you were engrossed in the process and that is so important. We have to enjoy that process, the results are sometimes irrelevant. I think photographers sometimes forget that, they want or expect instant glory. Anyway you can discuss all this in “Fill The Frame – Reunion” 😉