Interviewed by Don Springer for Inspired Eye # 44. 7

Il y a trois mois de çà, j’ai été contacté par Don Springer qui voulait savoir si je voulais participer au magazine “Inspired Eye” en étant interviewé. Au menu une trentaine de questions et surtout une sélection de photos qui accompagneront l’interview. Quand j’ai commencé la Street Photography il y a un an, les recherches que j’avais faites sur internet, m’avaient à l’époque déjà fait découvrir les site d’Olivier Duong et de Don Springer (les fondateurs de ce magazine). D’ailleurs c’est après avoir lu et relu les articles d’Olivier Duong et ceux de Take Kayo (Bigheadtaco), que je me suis acheté le Ricoh GRD IV.

Je tiens à remercier chaleureusement Don Springer de mettre mon travail en avant en publiant cette interview. Jusqu’à présent, j’étais un lecteur assidu des chroniques d’Eric Kim. Au delà de la mine d’informations relative à la Street Photography, j’aime tout particulièrement l’approche philosophique qu’Eric a de la photo. J’ai découvert depuis le site de Don “Tales of The Streets“. Ici aussi on parle de la vie, de la photo, de philosophie. Le style et l’approche sont différents mais ce sont deux blogs que je ne saurais vous conseiller.

Pour ceux qui ne le savent pas, le magazine “Inspired Eye” est un Webzine. Il n’existe que sous forme digitale et est publié tous les mois. Chaque numéro est composé de plusieurs portraits de photographes amateurs ou professionnels. Concept très simple qui permet de découvrir pas mal de photographes. Personnellement, c’est toujours un régal de lire les interviews de photographes dont j’ai déjà vu les photos sur le net. Ça me permet d’en savoir un peu plus sur leur pratique de la photo.

Vous pouvez acheter les numéros à l’unité (5€), souscrire un abonnement de 6 mois (~20 €) ou un abonnement annuel (30 €). Ce qui n’est pas très cher pour un magazine/mois. Dans le numéro # 44, vous pourrez trouver l’intégralité de mon interview, ainsi que les photos l’illustrant.

Inspired Eye a aussi partagé une vidéo “Behind the scene”où Olivier Duong & Don Springer commentent les photos présentes dans le numéro #44.  J’ai extrait la partie relative à mon interview.

Cliquer ici pour voir les photos sélectionnées pour l’interview.

NB : Je tiens à remercier Mélanie. B de m’avoir aidé à corriger mon interview en anglais !

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Interviewed by Don Springer for Inspired Eye # 44.


Three months ago, I was contacted by Don Springer who wanted to know if I wanted to participate in the magazine “Inspired Eye” by being interviewed. On the menu are about thirty questions and especially a selection of photos that will accompany the interview. When I started Street Photography a year ago, the research I had done on the internet had already made me discover the site of Olivier Duong and Don Springer (the founders of this magazine ). Moreover it is after reading and rereading the articles of Olivier Duong and those of Take Kayo (Bigheadtaco), that I bought the Ricoh GRD IV.

I would like to warmly thank Don Springer for highlighting my work by publishing this interview. Until now, I was an avid reader of Eric Kim‘s chronicles on his blog. Beyond the mine of information relating to Street Photography, I particularly like the philosophical approach that Eric has of the photography. I discovered lately Don’s site “Tales of the Streets“. Here also we talk about life, photography, philosophy. The style and approach are different but I highly recommend those  two blogs.

For those who do not know, the magazine “Inspired Eye” is an e-zine. It is only available in digital form and is published monthly. Each issue is composed of several portraits of amateur or professional photographers. Very simple concept that allows to discover a lot of photographers. Personally, it is always a treat to read the interviews of photographers whose photos I have already seen on the net. This allows me to know a little more about their practice of photography.

You can buy the issues per unit (5 €), subscribe for 6 months (~ 20 €) or an annual subscription (30 €). This is not very expensive for one magazine per month. In the issue # 44, you can find the whole of my interview, as well as the twenty photos illustrating it.

Inspired Eye also shared a video “Behind the scene” where Olivier Duong & Don Springer comment on the photos in issue # 44, on Youtube. I extracted the part relating to my interview.

Click here to see the selected photographs for the issue # 44.

NB : Special thanks to Melanie.B for helping me correct a few mistakes in the interview !

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7 thoughts on “Interviewed by Don Springer for Inspired Eye # 44.

  • John Harper

    Fantastic Jeff!! I have no idea who Olivier Duong or Don Springer are, but I hear from the youtube clip that they know they’re stuff. Whoever it was that said “It’s all nice man” sums it up exactly, so right…you’re work goes from strength to strength.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Don Springer is kind of legend. He knew and shot with Gary Winogrand among others. He co-founded Inspired Eye with Olivier Duong (based in Florida). A lot about Street Photography, but not only. Above all, we can say that they’re enthusiastic photographers. It was a nice surprise to be asked for the interview. I know that my work is not consistant enough. But it’s encouragement. I assume that I’m on the right track !

  • Lin Zee

    Very well done mate I love how they are talking about your images and saying how the geometry and placement of the elements in the photos.

    What an honour for guys like these to be appraising your work!

    You are true to the art form which I could feel from the start with your comments and energy. Your blog and then finally this.

    Really good knowing someone of your calibre that is very approachable as well. These relationships are a great part of what I look for. Fantastic mate!

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Thanks Lin ! Honestly what I liked the most was Don Springer and Olivier Duong talking about photography on the video. Not only my part, but other’s people work as well. It’s somekind of porfolio review and you can learn a lot, just listening to them analysing the photographs. They’re enthusiastic photographs and they speak not only with their hearts but also with their minds !