Behind this shot : The pink dot. 2

I made this picture in the Opera district while I was going to meet Christophe Mousset near the metro station Aubert. I was for the weekend in the capital to attend the exhibition of Tokyo Sense from Elizabeth Char and I took the opportunity to do some Street Photography in Paris for two days. You will know more about it in an upcoming Blog.



The place was swarming with crowds of people who were taking pictures or selfies with the Opera behind them. It was a mess on the sidewalks but also on the road because it was Friday 4pm and it honked all the way. People were insulting each others while driving, cars were loose in the middle of the road, blocking other vehicles … In short there was animation. It was not to displease me. I like the tumult of the street. There is some energy and tension floating in the air. In the middle of all this, I saw a Japanese tourist appear in the distance in traditional clothes.



The crazy thing is that almost nobody paid attention to her. It is to wonder if the Parisians are not a little jaded and do not pay more attention to what is happening around them. Note, there must be mainly tourists around me … She was accompanied by a guide who also took pictures at her request. This lady was really very beautiful with her traditional dress. As you can see, I tried to make close-ups without being too intrusive not to bother her. The good thing about Paris is that there are so many people that you find yourself quite close to them in touristic areas. This was the case here in front of the Opera Garnier.



I tried to integrate this lady in a composition but it did not work. I did not see anything interesting. That’s when she opened her little Japanese umbrella. I had this vision of this pink circle that hid my Japanese. In the end my main character was no longer visible, but I found very beautiful this pink umbrella that attracts the first look.



This moment was fleeting because rather quickly, she put the umbrella over her head to ask for her guide to take a picture. I like this picture because it has a mysterious feel. Composition is not the most important thing here. I lingered a little beside them, but not much happened. I just got closer to make a close-up.



All the photographs were made with the Ricoh GR.

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John Harper
11 months ago

She is fabulous. Of all the sights to see in Paris, a pink umbrella carrying Japanese lady steals the show. People and the streets never cease to amaze me. You did a great job eliminating the chaos, looks really busy and yet in that shot she could almost be totally alone.