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Since I started in this new section Behind this shot, I am aware that I remove all the mystery that can surround some photos. It’s a bit like a magician who would show how his tricks are done. It’s like giving titles to my photos., I do not like it. I wrote a long time ago a blog on it UNTITLED. I prefer to let the reader interpret the picture. With this new section, I reveal what is behind some photos. We can say that it has an educational side.



In the street, I am very sensitive to gestures. They bring life to a photo and make it less static. This is not enough to make a good photo but it’s already a good start. In the streets of Paris, I was perfectly aware of unusual gestures. I had already done a series on hands called Hands Tale some time ago. You can read it here.



Let’s go back to the opening photo of this Blog. I will first tell you why I like this picture so much. A good photo for me is a photo that questions the reader. If we manage to capture the attention is that the photo is successful. Here it is difficult to understand what is happening. The two protagonists are not recognizable. The old lady seems to have her hands in front of her face to protect herself and the other person in the foreground with her green and yellow shirt seems a little threatening. We are also likely to have two individuals of different ages. That’s the beauty of Street Photography. This photo is a snapshot of what happened in the street. Without context and without explanation, the reader is obliged to make his own interpretation of the story. Or else take the picture as it is with its mysterious feel.



So what exactly is this photo ? It’s actually a pretty simple scene that happened in front of me. You can see on the picture that the place was crowded and that there were a lot of people. This young man in the shirt just accidentally ran into the lady and he apologized. All in all, I would have taken 3 pictures of this scene. This is one of the benefits of using now the Ricoh GR. The buffer of the camera is much better than that of the Ricoh GRD 4 that I used before. If I was with my Ricoh GRD 4, I couldn’t capture this scene because I need no less than 2 seconds between two shutters click.



All the photographs were made with the Ricoh GR.

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4 thoughts on “Behind this shot : Jeu de mains.

  • John Harper

    That make a great little series, those three shots of some kind of Street Dance. At first glance of the single photo I presumed she might know someone and was putting her hand up to say ‘Hi’ or ‘High Five-ing’ a friend.

    I like that you included the lady with the watch from your last blogpost, I commented on how I appreciate that image.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Sorry for the late reply John. Being damn busy lately. Not to mention that since Paris, I haven’t been able to shoot anything. Well there’s a time for everything and now it’s moving time !
      This tryptique is kind of funny. The more I look to the 3 shots, the more I like the first one for different reasons