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Two weeks ago, we spent four days in the south of the island. With the virus raging, we decided to stay home and do some local tourism. We didn’t get very far. Barely 1.5 hours drive. We could also have made the road every day from home to go to the different spots we had targeted, but it’s a change of scenery for the children and for us not to be at home. We had booked a charming little chalet that looked like a treehouse just 20 mins from the sea.

I always take the holidays to document the life of my little family, but I also take every opportunity to do Street Photography. Personally, I also like this change of scenery and since I am also on vacation, it is natural to walk everywhere with my wife and my children with my camera at my wrist. As I told you in my previous Blog, I took the Ricoh GR3 and the GRD4 with me and it is the Ricoh GRD4 that I used during these 4 days. This camera can be forgotten because it is so light. And in terms of photos, it does the job and more ! I don’t focus on Street Photography while on vacation. Very often, I photograph the scenes that happen next to us. I will show you some examples from these 4 days to show you that the photos often come to me.

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We are here in Grand Anse, which I believe is ranked among the 10 most beautiful beaches in France. So yes, pretty beach but not swimmable because there is a risk of leaving a leg (or more …) to the sharks which prowl in the area … However, a large swimming area has been built with riprap for safe swimming. Here I just followed Ronan who had gone looking for seashells. We walked the entire length of the beach and I took the opportunity to take pictures.

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We spent most of our time on this spot of the Beach in Saint-Pierre. It was not the main beach which is more crowded. We preferred the calm of this place. These photos were taken a few meters away. It was late afternoon and the kids were drying off before we got home and I went for a walk along the beach and I ran into this guy in a colorful outfit doing some stretching.

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Same place the next day. Children who have seen a young person jump in the sand also try this exercise with varying degrees of success. Again I stayed where I was to do Street Photography.

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Always on the same spot. Photo taken of my two boys on the sea side and I just had to turn around to the other side to photograph the people passing by the street side. The setting sun offered great opportunities to play with grazing light.

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Change of scenery for this small series. We went here to see the sea on the side of the Etang-Salé. It is an incredible sight especially on the days of strong swell. The sea is literally raging and the waves crash with force on the jagged coast. The children had fun in the sand defying the waves.

Let us return to the two photos taken in this example 5. My wife was heading towards the seaside when I saw this gentleman on the dune also looking at the sea. There was also this very damaged fence which I used for my general composition. I clicked a photo of my wife and of course one without her for my Street collection.

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Here, as the weather was not very nice where we were staying, we went to seek the sun on the west coast of the island. Head to the Saint-Gilles aquarium. There aren’t many pools but the children are always amazed when you go there. The photo of the children is cliché, but I have nothing against clichés ! It will make great memories. Have you ever seen masked divers ? For the Street photo, I had seen this man from afar and I hastened to quickly take a photo. I had the sun in front, but that’s okay, I could play with the silhouettes that stood out against the sky. Again, I was not looking for anything and this opportunity presented itself while we were going to the ticket office of the aquarium.

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After leaving the aquarium, on the way back to where we were parked, we passed a temporary exhibition that aroused my wife’s interest. She took a look and it’s true that the interior courtyard where the exhibition was taking place was very photogenic. The curtains offered nice contrasts conducive to light/shadow and the colors were just sublime. I took the opportunity to take some pictures. The kids were bored and they were with huge lollipops so I went out with them on the sidewalk to avoid any unfortunate accidents … This is where I took this photo of them on the sidewalk.

  • #8

Here we were on a lunch break at the ZAT restaurant in Saint-Leu. It is a place that we know well and I find the small terrace on the beach with its deckchairs, its small tables and its guinguette-type garland superb. It is a dream place for parents because children can have fun on the beach under the supervision of parents who can continue to sip their apero at the table ! A souvenir photo of my two boys and a Street Photo where I tried to work the layers, while sitting down to drink my beer.

I take lots of pictures of my family when I’m on vacation. As you can see in the slideshow below, I rarely have them pose. I take the photos as I will in the street : Street like as one might say. I prefer spontaneous photos of them than posed photos. I also take advantage of the slightest opportunity to take street photos. Like going shopping, at a restaurant, while waiting for orders at the snack bar … In short, I have the impression that the opportunities are endless even if in the end I devote relatively little time to Street Photography. Note I will be spending even less time on this in the next few weeks. My little boy Ronan had a scooter accident (frontal impact with his brother) on his return from vacation and he had a double fracture of the tibia/fibula. It hurt damn good but it’s been better for a few days and now you have to wait for the bones to come together. It still for a little over 4 weeks. I might as well tell you that I will do very little street photography during this period … I prefer to spend my time with him.



All photos were taken with the Ricoh GRD4. I remain impressed with the quality of the shots (I am talking about the image quality of the IQ). Of course the Ricoh GR or GR3 offer more MP and it shows. But the GRD4 gives more organic and in my opinion more beautiful images. Very often I managed to be at ISO 80 to have more crispy pictures. I have the impression that in 4 days spent with the GRD4, I had better results than with the GR3 in 4 weeks … I’ll leave you with the two associated slideshows. Going South (family slideshow) and 4 Days with the Ricoh GRD 4 (Street slideshow)

All the pictures were made with the Ricoh GRD4.

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6 thoughts on “Shooting Street during holidays

  • John Wilson

    So glad you got a break with the family, these times are precious and should not be wasted. Love 4 weeks with the 4 as follow up to 3, smooth move.i am still conflicted as too whether the new streetaddition or not. I have one friend England regular new GR111 no problems, yesterday Instagram man with new street addition both batteries screen too hot to touch. Might have start search for GRD4 or GR, since I have GR2, just to be different. Please stay COVID FREE and take care of your family.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      This GR3 is a lottery. You don’t know exactly what you’re going to end up with. Bad luck for me with an overheating camera. Anyway, it seems that a lot of people are having a bad luck … GR2 is good even if the AF is less good compare to the GR. But it’s the only difference with the GR ( except the wifi that doesn’t work well …). The GRD4 is a total different philosophy with this tiny sensor. The thing is that I’m not a GEAR guy. I stick with a camera if this one fits my needs and it’s the case.
      This Covid thing is killing me … People did enjoy a recklessness summer gathering everywhere as if the virus was not here and now the number of infected people is going up. It’s like history, we don’t learn of our mistakes. We need a vaccin …

  • John Harper

    I was just about to sit down and write up our short family trip from last weekend! It’s tricky combining holiday snaps/memories and getting some Street into the equation. Although it’s almost all Street nowadays, well, at least the images are taken with a Street mindset and so that makes it Street as far as I’m concerned.

    Always a pleasure to view your work Jeff, here and now on Youtube. There are so many quality images…

    Cheers for now.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      I need some Blogs to read ! Write it down quickly ! Today I went to the bookshop to order two photobooks. One from William Klein and another from the Magnum Agency. Street Photography is going to be difficult again with the resurgence of the Covid-19. It’s like a grounhog day … Well less funny with more dead people. This year will be a special one. I wonder what we might put in our last Blog of the year in a few months !

      • John Harper

        I’m trying to write it, but other things keep getting in the way. I’ll publish it tomorrow hopefully! One thing for sure is it won’t be on the level of William Klein… I ordered The Street Philosophy of Gary Winogrand by the way. It’s been sat on my desk for weeks now still in its wrapper. I’ve got another book to finish first, which is not photography related. I sometimes have a problem with four or five books going at once, that has stopped and I’m not beginning anything new until I’ve actually finished the last book. I’m itching to rip off that wrapper!
        This Covid-19 will be with us for a long time…possibly a decade.

        • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

          This street philosophy of Gary winogrand is a very good book. Not sure that he would agree about everything said about his photos in this book but it gives us so much to think about about his body of work. I really love this book.