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That’s it, we settled in our apartment in the southwest of the island. For those who do not know, the west coast enjoys particularly favorable weather conditions. It is sunny and warm almost all the time. Except obviously when a cyclone passes over the island. It’s the same fire everybody. Moreover, the very day of our departure for our vacation spot, a moderate tropical storm passed in the north of the island with its share of torrential rains. The good thing about tropical islands is that you can have very different weather situations on the same day. Heavy showers and bright sun. So we arrived in the rain and the next day it was sunny!

This morning, the children wanted to go to Boucan Canot beach. It is a place that we love very much, although it is no longer possible to swim everywhere because of the sharks. I have already written a Blog on this place. I invite you to read it again here. Today, the artificial swimming pool is not accessible. Since they’ve done some work it’s just a nightmare. The pool is rarely usable due to bacteria problems. The water in the basin is poorly renewed and we have algae blooms. What is stupid is that before the works, there were never any problems … It did not matter because the boys had come to have fun in the waves and to be rolled in the pebbles and the sand. Shark nets were installed and they could have fun in complete safety.

It’s crazy how something as simple as water can entertain children for hours. They even forget about lunchtime, too busy doing all kinds of antics in the water. After taking them out almost by force to eat (chips and sodas …), here we go again. It was at this moment that I saw one of the lifeguards who supervised the swimming who moved the sign that delimited the bathing area. What struck me was that there was a dog next to him. It was like a hunch, I had to go. I felt there was going to be action, the unexpected. In short, an interesting cocktail for a bit of Beach Street.

I had seen it right because quite quickly, a second dog arrived on the beach and the dogs gave me a real ballet. There was a female and a male and probably it was a love parade because they kept teasing each other, running behind each other, jumping on each other, making holes and rolling in the sand. There were grunts, but you could tell it wasn’t mean. The dogs were having fun!

After a while my attention was grabbed by a group of young people who were having fun running and jumping in the water. Do you remember the Blog I wrote about a somewhat similar scene near a river? You transpose the scene from the river to the sea and you have the exact same thing. A group of young people having fun in the water. One of them was apparently afraid of the dogs and started to jump as soon as he saw the canine by his side. I stayed for a few minutes taking pictures because like on the riverside, these guys had style and there was clearly some action. When we do Street Photography, we are on the lookout. We watch for moments like this because we know that there will be photo opportunities. You have to be where the action is!

There was a scent of recklessness wafting through. The Covid was far away that day. I know that all over the world new restrictions are appearing. Despite the start of the vaccination campaign, many countries locking down again. Reunion is for the moment spared. Even if recently the number of cases has increased slightly with the school holidays and the tens of thousands of tourists who have come to one of the last places where we can live a little normally without a curfew, by going to restaurants, to the cinema … But we have to be aware, the virus is still there and Réunion is clearly threatened by the South African variant. There are a lot of exchanges with South Africa which is still the big country not far from us. We take advantage as we can but these things are not made to last. We just hope that the vaccination campaign will start here soon before the South African variant does too much damage …

Through this Blog I hope to have brought you some happiness and freedom which you are all deprived of at the moment. Life continues here on Reunion Island. Street Photography too.

All the photographs were made with the Ricoh GRD4.

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4 thoughts on “Recklessness island

  • John Wilson

    Looks like paradise to me! Enjoy your family and the surroundings and stay away from Sharks. Are they only there certain times of year and have they increased in numbers.

  • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

    It’s been more than 15 years now that we have experienced shark attacks on the beaches of Reunion island. We don’t know exactly why. Fishing industry might be an explanation. Not enough fishes anymore for sharks so they come closer to the coast. Anyway. The sea resorts have changed. The surf has almost disappeared. We still have a very young Lagoon on the island but big enough to be able to swim safely. Otherwise it’s swimming in specific areas with safety u nets.

  • John Harper

    Life sure looks sweet on the island. Apart from the fear of sharks and for some…dogs! It really is great to see those youngsters enjoying themselves and of course your boys rolling around in the surf. I was like them as a boy, Louis’ the same, literally have to drag them out of the water when it’s time for food or home.
    I suspect there’ll be lots of variants, wherever they might come from in the world. As one of our scientists said recently “A problem anywhere, is a problem everywhere”.
    Enjoyed the Beach Street…what a great combination that is!

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Life is sweet as you said. I must say that you see less people with masks in beach areas in the streets. It’s kind of weird as it’s the contrary in the main city where I live and work.
      I think that we should be careful because as you said, many variant may emerge and complicate this pandemic thing. I had a friend on the phone yesterday and I felt that things were hard on the continent. He’s a very careful guy and he got the covid… Even after 2 weeks, he was still weak and tired. He told me that the worst thing is that when you get it, you’re the plague…