Liverpool 2016 Remux 2

A few months ago, I recovered files lost during a hard drive crash. Among all the photos lost at the time, almost 6 months of photos including those of my stay in Liverpool. At the time I was just starting Street Photography and still used the Fuji XE2 on the streets. My style was quite different today. What has changed a lot over the past 4 years is my way of post-processing the photos. Whether in color or in Black & White, I use much less aggressive processing and above all, I no longer crop my photos.



You must tell yourself that I have nothing more to show you to go dig through photos almost 5 years old to write a Blog. I wanted to rework these photos as I will do today. Besides, there are photos that I had not even deigned to post-process at the time and that I find interesting today. Tastes change over the years. I also decided to work them only in color and it’s true that it changes a lot of things.



What do I have left of this week in Liverpool ? An impression of not having taken advantage as I would have of this city. It’s easy to tell in hindsight, but there was a lot more to do than what I did. We do not have the same perspective on things with 6 months or 6 years of practice ! At the time I didn’t really know what interested me in the street. Today, I have a lot more certainties and of course I have a keener eye to see or anticipate certain things.



It’s not tomorrow the day before that I’m going back to Liverpool and revisiting these photos is a good way to travel during this complicated period. One of my big projects would be to revisit all the cities where I was able to do Street Photography. I want to see if my vision of the city has changed. See if these are the same things that will catch my eye. So I would have to remake myself, Aix-en-Provence, Bristol, Paris, Rome, Marseille, Toulouse and therefore also Liverpool! Strongly hope that vaccination progresses for a return to normality …



All the photographs were made with the Fuji XE2 | 18 mm f2. Here’s the slideshow.


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2 thoughts on “Liverpool 2016 Remux

  • John Harper

    I just left a comment on YouTube, I think that you’d create similar shots even now, five years later. That’s not to say your style or eye hasn’t evolved, of course it has, along with your processing methods. There’ll be a few you possibly wouldn’t bother releasing the shutter. Anyway, what’s great is that you’re still going with Street Photography and you want to revisit your previous conquests…conquests is any the right word, you know what I mean!

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      It’s funny because I ‘m not into going to new places. I would rather go to the same places again and again like you did in NY or Las Vegas. Of course I would be glad to be anywhere new but if I had the choice I would revisit the same places again and again.
      Liverpool was may be too soon. I wish I would have gone over-there with a few years of practice. But you got to start some day…
      Yesterday night I dreamt that I was back in the streets with my fuji xe2… No kidding. Speaking for me, the camera does matter. I think that I will dust it off soon just to get out of my comfort zone