Messing around with water 4

We were at my parents house for lunch and of course the children were lobotomizing in front of their small screens. We put an end to this and asked them to stop for a while to go and freshen up their heads in my parents large garden. It’s complicated because this generation grew up with smartphones, tablets, screens … Some parents outright ban screens to their children. I don’t really believe this is the solution. We try to control their consumption by limiting their screen time. But that day, we had made an exception by allowing them to bring their tablets and phones. What is reassuring is that they can still spend more time playing outside in the garden, riding a scooter in front of the house or spending hours in the swimming pool. It is not yet desperate …

So they let go of their screens and went like bullets in the garden to have fun. After a while they came to claim an empty plastic bottle for their games. We started to hear the sounds of a bottle crashing to the ground. I went to see them and they were having fun filling a bottle of water and throwing it from a certain height on the ground. Like what, a simple plastic bottle is enough for them ! Ronan came back after awhile soaked. I think I understood what was going on there now. I went with my Ricoh GR because the kids were having fun with water and as you know it’s a combo that always works well : kids + water !

The T-shirts and shorts had been thrown on the ground and they were now splashing with water. My parents don’t have a swimming pool and never mind, they had a tap, a water hose, that was more than enough ! That’s how they had fun watering in the garden. I know full well the risks I take by being near a water source with kids. I’ve killed a few Ricoh GRD4s like this before. But it’s stronger than me and like the little butterflies attracted by the lights, it’s the water that attracts me … Well, I reassure you right away, the Ricoh GR is fine. He took a little splash, but nothing serious (well I hope …).


We put an end to the little game because we had to go home. They continued for a little while trying to walk on their hands with varying degrees of success. My parents have these large bay windows which allow us to have a sublime view of Saint-Denis, but also of the sea. At the end of the afternoon, the reflections were just magnificent and allowed me to take a beautiful photo. of Joachim drying himself off. I, who am very rarely in the photos (normal because I take them …), I’m happy to be with him on this one.

I ended up immortalizing my two little guys after their water games. Come on, it’s time to go home !

All the photos were made with the Ricoh GR.

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4 thoughts on “Messing around with water

  • John Wilson

    Simple pleasures in the back yard, great way to c the family and chill out! So my question is did they get you with hose or bottle bomb? Thank you, good looking kids being raised right.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Kids are creative and they adapt pretty well. I remembered some 18 months ago when we were wondering how they would deal with the move and the lost of all their close friends. Well it was easier for them compared to me! They can be addicted to video games, screens… But if you tell them that it’s not the time for this, they will find a way to entertain themselves with anything.
      And I managed to avoid being splashed! 😉

  • John Harper

    Beautiful photographs Jeff, of course it helps that they’re handsome boys…clearly they take after Gwen in the looks department 😉 I particularly like the one of Joachim drying off. Kids adapt to any situation, ours are the same, particularly Louis, although we have to rein in his making up games…they often involve something he shouldn’t be doing.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Man, I’m getting fitter since I do some serious workout. Even my kids said that my belly has disappeared! Just need some plastic surgery now 😂😂
      I look better as a silhouette in a photo 📸