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I haven’t had a lot of time for Street Photography in the past few weeks. There were school holidays, but not only. I spent a lot of time at the fitness gym to try to find a good physical condition and it must be said that after a good session, I don’t really want to go for miles walking under the blazing sun. The weather was not great too. It’s still summer here on this side of the hemisphere and we’ve had quite a bit of rain this past month. And here it does not laugh. It is a tropical island and when the rain starts to fall upon you, they are literally buckets of water being poured over us!


This photo was taken while we were going for lunch with my wife. Actually no, I’m lying … I saw this scene while going to the restaurant (yes I’m sorry, we can always go to the restaurant here …). I quickly took a snapshot but it wasn’t that great. The sky was blue and I hurry because we didn’t have much time for lunch. In the afternoon, after dropping Gwen off at her work, I walked back to this scene. The sky was loaded with clouds and gave another atmosphere to this scene. I took the time to compose to take this photo. It was not premeditated. It was as I passed through this street that I remembered that I had not exploited the full potential of this scene. This is my favorite photo of March. It is really very simple and unlike my usual work, there is no one in the frame, just several birds. This floor lamp is like an eye watching over us. I rarely look up when I’m on the street and that’s wrong. This time I did well …

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2 thoughts on “Behind this shot : the eye

  • John Harper

    It’s very good Jeff and is still Street Photography. I recently came to the conclusion that there doesn’t necessarily have to be someone in the scene. Actually, one of my favourite photographs you’ve made is that of the white curtain blowing from a window.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      It might be an evolution in my work. I’m still attracted by people, but photographying urban landscapes even without people interest me. I like when the human presence is suggested without seeing the people. Alex Coghe does it very well. Street is not only people. It’s the streets, the urban elements, cars, buildings, everything that is related to the human being.