SHOOTR Issue 0 4

Alex Coghe asked me if I wanted to participate in the next magazine he wants to publish. It’s called SHOOTR. You can find out a little more here and even send a photo for possible publication. I didn’t quite understand the concept and it was while reading the article that I understood that Alex wanted our best photo taken so far in the street. So as much to tell you that it is very complicated. I never wondered what was my best street shot I have done so far. And yet, for several years now, I have been selecting 12 of my best photos (very subjective choice …) for my last Blog of the year. It’s a matter of having a retrospective of the past year.

But here, you have to choose THE photo ! I won’t lie to you that it is super complicated and that the choice that I am going to make will surely not be the one that I can make tomorrow … At the beginning, I told myself that the chosen photo will have to synthesize all my photography. You might as well say that it is impossible to achieve. I immediately abandoned this idea. There is also another very important thing which is the connection you have with the photos. At the moment, I don’t look much of what I’ve been doing for the last few years. I am in the present and I have a lot more connections with the work I do in the streets of Saint-Denis than with the work done two years ago in the streets of Aix-en-Provence.

But of course my choice will be biased by this fact of living in the present. It is clear, however, that the best photos stand the test of time. I had some of these photos in mind and went to look for them in my archives. Yes, I am still so proud to have made them. Some are 5 years old and I still love them. I also have photos that I like a lot and which were taken in 2021. But do I have enough perspective on them? I do not think so. Will they age as well as those taken in 2016? It’s simple, we’ll talk about it again in 2026 …

Well I made it simple. I selected 3 photos per year. Which is not very fair between us because some years would have deserved more and we are not even in the middle of 2021 … But hey, we had to decide and it was quite simple as a process. and these are my photos and I do what I want with them ! So the calculation is simple, 6 years x 3 photos = 18 photos in total. The choice of photos is totally subjective and as I said, these choices could be different depending on my mood. But it is also true that some photos would still be in this selection even tomorrow, or the day after … I put you below, the 18 photos of the selection.

The photo chosen is this one.

I expect people to find this photo distressingly banal. It’s a static photo with a very simple composition, without light / shadows, funny juxtaposition, layers … everything that is very fashionable in Street Photography. Basically nothing flashy. Frankly if I only had to do this kind of photos for the rest of my life, I would be the happiest photographer.

Note: the first photo that illustrates this Blog is by Alex Coghe.

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4 thoughts on “SHOOTR Issue 0

  • John Harper

    Yep…good choice and really mission impossible trying to choose just one photo as your best. I also liked the “yellow ribbon” and the shot of lady bumping into the guy which from memory you took in Paris. For me the most compelling and possibly complete image was our lady on the beach…asks a lot of questions of the viewer. Of course we know what was happening, but it still draws you into the photo.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      The mission is impossible to anyone… In the end, you pick one because you have to. The photos you mentioned come to my mind. Especially the one with the yellow ribbon. One of those moments where everything seems to gather to offer the right moment to capture.
      I urge you to apply with one of your photo John. It could be cool to be in this issue!

  • John Wilson

    You picked the best, I remember when I first saw it and how the simplicity makes you catch your breath! Great choice.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      As you mentioned, I like the simplicity of this shot. Street photography doesn’t have to be complicated. When I look at Gary Winogrand work, I tell myself that this is the essence of street photography. Today people try to make striking photos because on social media, you have to catch people’s attention and you need to emphasise on the form.
      The best photos to me are the mundane ones.