May 2021 slideshow 2

You probably don’t know it, but since August of last year, I have been sharing at the beginning of the month a slideshow of my work done the previous month. All this of course on my YouTube channel. Besides, there are a lot of photos that are found in these slideshows and nowhere else. I don’t write enough Blogs to share all of my photos. The interest of these slideshows was precisely to put them forward. Over the months, I realized that these slideshows would benefit from being rather short. Because I shared too many ordinary photos. I arrived at a narrower selection of 20 photos and I do not exclude going below …

These slideshows are available in the site menu (here). I will update every month, to include the latest one. Moreover for this month of May, I decided to change things again. There will still be 20 photos taken during the previous month, but you will be entitled to my sweet voice as a bonus ! The idea was to do it like a portfolio reading. Scan the 20 photos by giving some details about the shooting, a little anecdote or even quite simply to say why I had chosen this photo in the selection.

Some people had trouble with the music that accompanied my slideshows. It is not likely to work out with me speaking on the photos ! The first major consequence, if I may say so, is that we go from 2 minutes of video to more than 11 minutes ! Clearly, this is the big drawback because I know for a fact that a lot of people will not get to the end of the video. I set up on the video, the YouTube index system which allows you to go to the photo you want to know a little more about, without having to go through the entire slideshow. Everything will be available in the video description. The easiest way would be to reduce the number of photos. We’ll see for the June slideshow …

Anyway, this kind of slideshow is not for everyone. Personally, I love this kind of video where I can learn a little more about the photo. Why does it work, what caught the photographer’s attention … Making this kind of video was also a challenge for me. Tim Huynh told me I needed to interact more with my audience. So Tim, you’re responsible for this … I’ve always been reluctant to do anything other than stack photos in a slideshow until now. I thought for a moment to put a thumbnail of myself commenting on the photos but I saw no interest … Lucky for you, you will only have my voice. It will be bad enough like that and I was not going to impose on you recurring nightmares after seeing me ! Ask John Harper or Elizabeth Char. Since then they only sleep with a night light …

A choice was made to use English for the video. I’m not bragging saying that I speak excellent English. This is not the case, you will realize it quite quickly. But it seemed more appropriate for the audience that follows me. If I refer to the comments I receive on YouTube, over 99% of my audience speaks English. It was just a practical choice to reach as many people as possible. And I must say that it is not necessarily obvious because English is not my native language. I had to write first what I had to say about the photos to have a guiding line. I have surely made many mistakes in pronunciation syntax … But the main thing is there. I think it’s not a big deal in an informal video. I hope to improve with the next slideshows and be more comfortable.

For those who would still be reluctant to watch this 11-minute video, I have put all of the 20 photos from this May selection below. And if one of them appeals to you, you can always use the index in the video description to go directly to it without going through the entire video !

All the photographs were made with the Fujifilm XF10.

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2 thoughts on “May 2021 slideshow

  • John Harper

    That Tim Huynh has got a lot to answer for! People rarely go all the way through a video, hence YouTube has that indexing system…just skip parts. If it’s interesting enough they definitely will. I think if you cut it in half it should be just about right. I liked the photos though, it’s tricky to narrow it down to 10. I already told you that my favourite was the guys with the fence and caged woman, I’m also a big fan of your opening photo, the cone and the building, something about it I really like that I couldn’t put into words, sometimes you just know. By the way, I’m not sure how Elizabeth is getting on, I still struggle to get to sleep ?

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      I’m not sure that the format chosen is the good one. Even hardcore Street Photographer won’t go through the whole 11 minutes … I might do something different. To continue as usual the monthly slideshow, but from time to time, just a video explaining some shots. It was a fun exercice to talk on the photos but not sure people want to know more about them.