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You don’t know, but last Saturday I did a Live YouTube with Alex Coghe of over an hour. It is a new project that he has launched. It was like a live interview where some of my photos were shown. I was led to say more about them. It was quite a fun thing and I thank Alex for showcasing my photos and my work. He is someone whose approach of the streets and whose work I really appreciate. I hadn’t specially prepared things for this interview. I had quickly writen a few notes on a piece of paper which I reread several times, but that was it.



Well, it must have been seen and even heard if I may. This kind of fairly light preparation is fine if you have to speak in your native language, as you just need a few notes on a piece of paper. It’s much more complicated in your head if it’s in a foreign language (in this case English for me)! I won’t hide from you that I am more comfortable writing. I have time to formulate what I want to write, pay attention to grammar, vocabulary … There I was always taken aback and I made countless mistakes. Beyond that, there were also the answers or the explanations which were rather generic and which lacked imagination.



It reminds me a little of the young athletes that we interview and who have not yet taken a communication course. It sounds simple like that, but this styling exercise is very complicated. We often repeat the same words, the language tics appear and in the end when we look afterwards, it’s just a disaster. I watched some parts of the video on Alex Coghe’s channel and died of shame, I preferred to stop … Well already, I can’t stand my voice. I don’t know how my wife can still stay with me! It’s clear that it’s not for my sweet voice. I am sorely lacking in vocabulary



I even got lost in my explanations when Alex ironically pointed out that he found it bizarre that Ricoh had not appointed me Brand Ambassador while we were discussing a photo where I appeared on screen with the Ricoh. GRD4 clearly visible on the photo. Alex knew he was going to hit a sore spot with me (not being an Ambassador, but the fact that I liked the GR line). It’s funny, because I started laughing and telling anecdotes that were at best uninteresting and at worst forgettable.



The thing is, the interview is a complicated styling exercise. Limit a little tricky. I did not wallow, but not far. There are a lot of things I would do differently if I had to do it again. Starting with a more suitable preparation Recently I made a video where I deciphered the photos from May 2021. I seem very comfortable talking about the photos, but it was scripted! I had written my text on the photos. Even though I wasn’t reading the text, I had a frame and if I moved away from the text, I had it in front of me to come back to it quickly. Of course it’s less lively, but it allows me to hide my weaknesses in English.



But I don’t regret this interview with Alex. It was a great experience even if in the end I was not satisfied with my “performance”. I think it has a lot to do with my image (voice, physique) with which I have a lot of trouble. I think it’s kind of the same for everyone except for people who are narcissistic and love themselves a lot … well, I am not. Being in the shadows suits me very well.



By the way, speaking of the video concerning the photos of May recently published on YouTube, I do not think that I will renew the new formula of the monthly Diaporama. The format is not good and it is more annoying than anything else. Who watches 11 minute slideshows ? I mean, I can watch long videos if it’s interesting. But there clearly 11 minutes for 20 photos, there is enough to fall asleep … I do not rule out making this kind of videos from time to time, but not on a monthly basis … I leave you with the interview of more than an hour made with Alex Coghe. If you are really at the end of your life or  want to laugh at my many english mistakes, go for it!



All the photographs were made with the Fujifilm XF10 during may 2021.

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2 thoughts on “YouTube interview

  • John Harper

    You do yourself a disservice Jeff. I know people will read the following and think I’m some kind of a fanboy, but it is meant with all sincerity and how I see it…Photography to one side just for a moment, I was extremely impressed with your English when we met and it’s improved even more so. I had absolutely no problem understanding you during our conversations nor do I now in this interview with Alex. I don’t know what you see in yourself, I met and see a very intelligent man, with a great sense of humour and a huge amount of compassion. I think others will see this too. There’s also this sense of ethics and honesty with you, particularly where photography is concerned. Take that whole Ricoh business for example. You told them how you felt. I’m sure others would have been swayed and signed up. Not everything they do with their cameras is fantastic and what we’re they offering you for your images? They didn’t come back to you, that was a big mistake by Ricoh in my opinion. They missed out on a golden opportunity to have an ambassador that their customers would truly appreciate and at the same time inspire them. An honest one with complete integrity and incredible talent for making compelling photographs.
    Anyway, it was a good interview. I enjoyed hearing the views, even though I already know yours and agree with them it was good to hear Alex was also in full agreement.
    Okay, that’s enough…otherwise we’ll have to ‘get a room’!
    All my best to you, Gwen and the boys.

  • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

    Wow! These are massive compliments… And I’m still looking for a place to hide myself. It’s funny to see how people look at you. It’s like living with kids. You don’t see them growing up. You just live with them. It’s almost the same here. I live with myself and I don’t pay attention to all the things you said. In fact it’s part of me and one thing it’s sure is that I don’t cheat and my education taught me to be true,honest.
    For this Ricoh thing, even if I said that I didn’t care about being an embasador, the fact is that deep inside of me I would like to be one of them because I really love the GR line. But think about it. It was a dead end. I’m useless. No presence on Facebook, Instagram or other SM. What would be the benefit for Ricoh? Even worst, I would have to promote the new model aka the GR3… That I don’t like!
    Ricoh need ambassador to sell their latest cameras. They don’t need someone who make photos with their discontinued cameras…
    They need someone who has a strong presence on media and who touches a wide and important audience, which is not my case. For all these reasons I understand that I’m at my place. I don’t deserve more.
    Come on John, there were countless mistakes in grammar, tense, pronunciation in my speaking. I speak too fast and that’s why I made all these mistakes. I also lack vocabulary, but I just hors that people were able to feel what I wanted to say.
    But it was fun!
    Thanks again for this message John!
    Best for the upcoming week!