November Slideshow 5

A quick little post to tell you that like every beginning of the month, I’m posting a fairly short slideshow of a selection of 20 photos taken the previous month. I have been working on this task for a little over a year because at the time I did not have time to share photos that were piling up on my computer. It was also an opportunity to present them in a more dynamic way with music. What has changed since I started making these slideshows is that unconsciously I began to hardly share the photos in these slideshows anywhere else. In short, I jealously guarded the photos for my slideshow of the month and only shared the photos that I considered less good in my articles.

I do this because I have the impression of giving added value to those who will watch my slideshows on YouTube. I find it interesting to see a slideshow with only original photos. Finally it is for those who follow my work a little … The problem is that my own site which I use to convey my work is getting poorer because my best photos do not even appear there. There is indeed a moment during the year-end review when these photos appear, but by acting like that, I kind of abandon my site.

I’m not going to change the way I operate, but I will nevertheless write a post every month to let you know that you can watch my selection via YouTube or go to the SLIDESHOWS section of my site to watch the short video. I will also share in the Blog one or two highlights of this month and say a little more about them.

One of the rare photos published in color for this month of November. So to speak, for several weeks, I gave up color for monochrome. It coincides with my return to the streets with the Ricoh GRD IV. And yet, I have already written about it. The GRD IV is very good in color and this photo is there to demonstrate it. I attribute this return to B&W to my state of mind. This photo was taken on a site where an old building had been razed to the ground. Street artists have come to illuminate this place with this mural which I find fantastic. We have a lot of artists who roam the streets of Saint-Denis, but very few offer such beautiful things. This fresco is ephemeral. Since access to the site was prohibited and soon it will disappear with the construction of a new building. I do street photography for that. Witness the changes taking place in the streets of the city.

This second photo that I wanted to share with you in this blog is this time in Black & White! You don’t have to be a diviner to see that this is a homeless person. I have no censorship in the street. I photograph the homeless, children, altercations … I have no censorship not because I am a voyeur, but because, deep down, I have this need to document what is happening in the Street. Things are very often beautiful, but you know it as well as I do, the streets are tough with some too. This is the case with the homeless. Not photographing them would mean excluding them from this vision of the street that we have. I always try to show these people in the context of the street. This is not unhealthy voyeurism, but documentation.

You can see all 20 photos in the slideshow below. All the photos were taken in Saint-Denis with the Ricoh GRD IV.

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5 thoughts on “November Slideshow

  • John Wilson

    This what I love about yours and the LEICA BIKER, (Ha!) photos. You guys make it so natural and I can’t pick a Best of Show. I love this premise. Thanks

  • John Harper

    My next stop is YouTube to take a look at your slideshow for November. I had the notification, but I’ve been saving it up, I like to run through your slideshows at least twice. I’m combining my next blog post with my monthly YouTube presentation. There’s definitely photos not seen anywhere else, mainly because I haven’t bothered too much with social media, I’m lazy and they’re not that good!
    Anyway, it’s a good idea to hold something back. In fact I’ve thought for a long time for me posting should be Blog, followed by YouTube and then Instagram.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      That’s my way to give unique content to the viewers of YouTube. But it’s also as you said, to hold back things and not to show everything right away because as you know, some photos might please you at first sight and you end up discarding them after a while. Well they should marinate more. What if I only show pictures of the year before. Giving me enough perspective on them? Humm if wouldn’t be a bad thing. Need to think about it. Who not taking a year off to start it 🤔