Looking back to 2021 (Finally …) 2

Let’s start from the beginning for this Blog. I had started writing a little over a week ago and haven’t finished it. Not making a point of repeating something written, I start over from a blank sheet of paper. A bit like my work in the street at the beginning of the year … Like every year, it’s quite intimidating to start from scratch.

2021 has been a very good year if I only had to talk about Street Photography. For the rest, it’s like everyone else. We are a little fed up with this never-ending pandemic. These years are hard and will surely leave their mark. I continued to document the streets of Saint-Denis tirelessly. I’ve only been here for two years and feel like I’ve been around.

I’m talking about downtown because I still hang out in the same places now. I know where I am likely to have interesting situations to photograph. There are, however, areas that are a bit further from my usual playground, but I don’t have much opportunity to go there. My routine in the street is linked to my children who I drop off and pick up at school.

On January 1st, I worked and finished my shift at 1:00 p.m. I had to quickly go to my parents for the family meal. I passed a very interesting Tamil ceremony by the sea. I wanted to stop, but I had other priorities. Missed opportunity? Sure, but I didn’t feel any frustration. There will be other opportunities … it’s a bit like missed photos in the city. It does not matter.

2021 will have been a very good year as I said. I have photographed a lot and I think my style has evolved further. I tried to simplify my compositions a lot, keeping only the essentials. If in previous years I had tried to make layers (photos with multiple plans), I abandoned this technique a little this year. I was much more interested in the unusual situations encountered.

I don’t know what 2022 will be like. One thing is certain, I will start the year with a brand new Ricoh GRD IV that I ordered from Ebay. Yep, yet another … The one I was using is getting tired. Besides the dust in the middle of the sensor which forces me not to close more than f4, I also have a problem with the sharpness on the left of the image, a broken shutter button … In short, it’s time to change the camera .

I hesitated for a long time before writing this Blog, but I told myself that it was still necessary to end this year by offering you my choice of twelve photos representative of my work in 2021. The choice was quick. Not that these photos stand out, it’s just that I chose them while writing this Blog. If I had to choose them another day, the choice would necessarily be different … This is the very principle of selection. It’s subjective and linked to the mood of the moment.

You will find in a slightly longer slideshow 44 photos from which I have extracted this selection. I wish you a happy new year 2022 and I thank you for having accompanied me during these last twelve months.

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2 thoughts on “Looking back to 2021 (Finally …)

  • John Harper

    Finally!! A great selection, an eclectic mix of Street. Shots with no people, but a trace of where they’ve been. Lots of limbs: human, mannequins and pavement markings couple with a human. That shot by the bust stop is a standout photograph and our friend with newspaper is an absolute classic.
    We’ll done Jeff, it’s so difficult to choose from a fabulous year for your photography. I know from your YouTube slideshow, reading your blog throughout 2021 and some photos shared with me privately that there are so many that could be included. An impossible task to curate. This year take a lot of crap shots which will help make life easier when it comes to the 2022 selection 😉

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      There’s a lot of crap on my computer John! Believe me! I should do a slideshow. My worst shots! A one hour one 😂
      I really enjoyed this year. I wanted to take advantage of the whole December month but frankly it was difficult. With kids being on holidays, Xmas and the new year eve, it was hard to find a moment for street. Besides this, I mostly shoot street when I go downtown to pick up my kids at school… And I didn’t have this excuse during holidays.
      We’re going to spend one week at the beach. May be I will do some beach street. I’m dusting off my xe2 for the occasion…
      Cheers! Take care