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Life update: since the middle of last week, we have been spending a few days by the sea with our feet in the water. A friend rents us his house and we know the place well because it is the third time that we go there during the holidays. On the other hand, it is the first time that we stay there during the summer. One thing is clear, it is super hot … Not in the house itself, but on the beach.

In the lagoon, there is very little bottom and the sea is rather calm. We went to spend a day near Boucan Canot because the boys wanted to go have fun in the waves. The sand was very hot. And even in the shelter of the parasols, the sun attacked us. In the evening, everyone was still stunned by this sunny day. I even sent a little video to John to make him bitch a little, he who currently does with a typically … British weather.

The stay went well the first few days before it took a less fun turn. The weather was rather muggy and we regularly had small showers at the end of the afternoon. For information, we are in the middle of summer here on Reunion Island. Who says summer, says rainy season. It is the hurricane season, even if so far no tropical storm has come to threaten our island. The first 5 days were rather sunny with very hot weather. Sunday night, things started to go wrong. Even if Monday morning saw the sky offer a small truce, from noon, it was the flood. The whole Island was vigilant heavy rain. Wherever you were, the sky was going to fall on your head.

This is what happened to us when we had lunch at the restaurant on Monday noon. As we had parked quite a distance, I decided to go get the car to prevent everyone from getting soaked. The boys found it more amusing to come with me, finding it quite a funny situation to walk in the pouring rain … The streets of Saint Gilles were flooded and it looked like a cyclone. We came home soaked and to make matters worse, we had left our beach towels to dry outside. Granted, it wasn’t the best idea of the day.

The next day, the sky was overcast, but the rain had stopped. It was too beautiful … Another storm was going to befall us. Pierre, my sister’s son, did not feel very well when he woke up. He had been cold during the night, was a little feverish, had aches and a sore throat. These symptoms didn’t mean anything to me. I told my sister about it, who wasn’t too worried, thinking he must have caught a cold the day before while running with his cousins in the rain. Which wasn’t wrong and that seemed like the most plausible explanation, but being naturally suspicious (or worried), I went and bought some self-tests at the drugstore anyway.

I asked Pierre to come do his self-test. I even put on my mask to do the nasal swab. Let’s be suspicious until the end … We laughed about it because we were all convinced that he had just caught a cold. It seemed more logical to us, because we don’t go out. We just go to the beach which is in front of our house, we went to the aquarium masked, we made two outings to the restaurant and that’s it. It is true that the city of Saint-Gilles and the beach of Boucan Canot were crowded with people. But we took our precautions by always being masked, except on the beach and in restaurants. Well the verdict is in. Pierre was positive for Covid-19!

The news blowed our minds. It was a bad joke! We then tested Joachim and Ronan, because the three cousins were together all the time. Joachim was sleeping in the same bed as Pierre. We expected the worst. They were negative, but they were just self-tests. It didn’t mean they were really negative. My stepfather who had arrived the day before to see his grandchildren was sent home with a self-test. It was the best thing to do because he already has respiratory problems and is part of the populations at risk.

We landed to collect this information and I must say we were a bit lost. We didn’t really know what to do and we weren’t too much to try to get our minds together to make the right decisions. After doing some quick internet research, we had the procedure to follow. The first thing to do was to have Pierre tested again, this time with an antigen test carried out by a professional. Only this test could tell us exactly what its status was: Positive or Negative. At the moment, we were nothing. We were just potentially contact cases of a possible Covid-19 Positive case.

We rushed to a Covid detection center to get tested. After 30 minutes of waiting, the verdict is in. Pierre was very positive. We suspected it a little because he had the symptoms and the self-test had been positive … My sister is negative and we went in the wake to also be tested as a contact case of ‘a positive person for Covid-19. After 30 minutes the verdict fell for us, and it looks like we are spared for now. We are not out of the woods yet. We may be in the incubation phase. We must retest on D + 2 and D + 4 to be sure to be negative.

The trip had started well and it got off to a bad start at the end. Pierre went straight home with a fever. I have had my sister on the phone since and he is doing fine after taking the medicine. He just turned 12 and I don’t worry much about him. In two days he will be back on his feet. On the other hand, for my sister and my brother-in-law who are both immunosuppressed, it will be a struggle to manage Pierre’s isolation for 7 days … They should not catch this filth because the risk would be a lot higher for them.

So yes John, I will never send you videos of my dream vacation again. We must remain humble … Don’t mess around with the Greek God !

Ah yes, I took my first street photo this week. It is neither with the Ricoh GRD4, nor the Fuji XE2, but quite simply with my phone, the One plus North. As I was picking up the car in the rain, I quickly pulled out my phone to take this photo. It’s classic, but I like it. All other photos were taken with the Fuji XE2.

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2 thoughts on “WTF !

  • John Harper

    Looks like you could have just come here instead. You’d have plenty of rain and Covid! There’s a change though, rates are dropping in England, the experiment not to have draconian restrictions worked. Temperatures are dropping to. Today I’ve taken my bike to the garage for servicing…thick fog and -3c as I rode to Bristol! I’m envious, that place looks like heaven on earth. Big fan of the shot with those doleful eyes looking up from beneath the cap and also you’re opening shot.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      You might be right. It’s as if we have decided to let it spread… We have something like 3400 out of 100.000 peoples infected on the island and no more restrictions. Israel is only protecting people over 70 years old. New strategies?
      Well I hope that is the right move and the exit to this crisis.
      I’m stuck home with no chance in the next week to hit the streets. Man I miss being outside. It’s almost February and no sign of any street shots made in 2022…