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Sometimes things don’t add up to much… After work today, I wondered if I was going to go home before picking up the kids from school. I remembered that I hadn’t been hanging out in Saint-Denis this week. The weather had been rather capricious and we’d had a lot of showers over the last few days. But I forced myself to go anyway. Without much conviction I parked for lunch.

In the end, I did well because that Friday was a special day. The town hall of Saint-Denis had decided to organise a commercial week in the rue Maréchal Leclerc, where I often hang out. Shopkeepers were allowed to set up stalls in front of their shops to turn this pedestrian street into a giant open-air shop. But you have to be careful. As I said, the weather is rather capricious at the moment… At the beginning of the week, we had intense tropical rains !

Today the sky was mild for the great pleasure of the people of Reunion who flocked to find good deals. Some animations had been planned, notably the presence of Bumblebee ! It was at the bend in an alley that I saw this big yellow thing come out. The opportunity was too good and I didn’t regret having chosen to go and hang out in Saint-Denis that afternoon !

But the good thing about this kind of event is that it attracts a lot of people and it allows me to blend in even more with my camera. I was able to take pictures close to the people. People were happy, dancing in the street … It was good to see people enjoying themselves. We’ve had a complicated last two years. I don’t know if we’re out of it. I don’t know how the war in Ukraine will turn out. But for one afternoon, all these things were far away…

All the photos were made with the Ricoh GRD IV.

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2 thoughts on “Bee in the city

  • John Harper

    Certainly seemed to be a ‘buzz’ around the town! There’s the thing with Street Photography, you have to be there to document anything that might happen. A decision to pick up the camera and wander into town…”To bee or not too bee is the question” one that you answered. Do you remember that photograph of my dad and sister at the circus? The photographer avoided the obvious shot of the trapeze artists and turned his camera on the audience. I like the Bee shots, especially the last one with the woman in the background on her phone, but the two shots of the people without the bee are my favourites.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Ah ah. Yes you’re right. You have to “bee” here! Like your red letter say women. I had that in mind last Friday. We, street photographers find it more interesting the audience rather than what catches the attention. Because we’re more interesting in people. I was really happy to see joy in people’s eyes. We’re living complicated moments that might go for worst. You have to live the day and this Friday, it was the case. I went on Sunday downtown because we were heading to the restaurant. I made a quick walk on Maréchal Leclerc. I have never seen the street so crowded! But if wasn’t street time… 😉