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My only resolution for this new year was to reconnect with the street. To enjoy taking pictures again and especially to spend more time on the street. Enzo Ferrari rightly said that to win a race, you had to start by finishing it… In Street Photography, it’s a bit the same. To do it, you have to be in the street!

Looking back over the past year, I felt as if I had spent the whole year with the GR3. But in reality, I only started using the camera in June. If you consider that since the end of July I have hardly taken any pictures, it’s really only been 2 months! I still used it sporadically until the end of the year. But at the beginning of 2023, I wanted to get back to basics. And what better than the GRD IV!

OK, I repeat myself often. I said I wouldn’t use it anymore, but I can’t help it… I guess no matter what I do, I’ll always end up with this camera in my hands. So it wasn’t planned, but I start this year 2023 with the GRD IV!

The school holidays still last until the end of January and usually these are not very good times for street photography. I’m mainly looking after the children and I have almost no time for myself. We are currently in Rodrigues, a small island east of Mauritius, where we are spending a short holiday. For the occasion, I brought my Fuji Xe2, my 18mm f2, my 35mm f0. 95 & even my 55/200mm f3.5-4.8! In short, the big  gear artillery. I had also slipped in the bag, the GRD IV and some batteries.

In the end, I have only used the Ricoh since the beginning of my stay … What better than the Ricoh GRD IV to reconnect with photography? This old friend is intimately linked to my passion for Street Photography. But this is not about street photography. This is a family holiday. Nevertheless, as we were passing through Port Mathurin, the main town of the island, to go and get petrol at one of the few petrol stations on the island, we stayed to eat there because we were hit by a downpour as only tropical islands can offer! I had planned to spend a few minutes walking around the city to do some street photography, but it was a cold shower.

Nevertheless, I took advantage of a break in the weather to rush out and take some photos. Clearly, there is potential. But I would have to spend more time and take the time. Which I didn’t have. I had negotiated a few minutes with the Kids who wanted to go to the beach elsewhere… So I just rushed around the streets without taking too much time.

Like Port Louis in Mauritius, the city is very colourful and the narrow streets see people walking at their best. It’s ideal to get back into street photography. Unfortunately, twenty minutes is not enough to get results. But I was happy nonetheless to spend those few minutes snapping in the streets.

I must admit that it was quite easy to take pictures in Port Mathurin because the streets are narrow and very colourful. The return to the streets of Saint-Denis will be more complicated, but I intend to get back to it seriously. One thing is for sure, I am happy to be back with the Ricoh GRD IV. This camera is so greatdespite its 12 years of age. It seems to be improving like a fine wine!

All the pictures were taken with the Ricoh GRD IV.

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7 thoughts on “Reconnecting with street

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Hello Deborah.
      It’s only the first thrills of I hope a back to normal. Time will say. But I ‘m sure that it is the right move to do it with the ricoh. It will be easier and I’ m really in symbiosis with this camera. And frankly it still kicks ass!

  • John Wilson

    There used to be a TV series here in US about a high school teacher, the name of the show is appropriate for you:”WELCOME BACK KOTTER!” You and Ricoh is like Moriyama and Ricoh. Go to MACFILOS look at RICOH ARTICLE BY David Askham then archives for Ricoh….enjoy and please keep your articles coming.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      It looks as if my work is linked to the GRD IV. I ‘m still amazed by the capability of this old camera to deliver such photos. It’s like the camera lives by itself and I’ m just the guy walking it on the streets. And frankly it feels really comfy to have it on my wrist.
      I will have a look at your advice on Macfilo! Thanks!

  • John Harper

    This is great news Jeff! I’m really pleased to see you returning to Street. The slogan for the Lotto here in the U.K. is “You’ve got to be in it to win it”. I bet you felt a bit rusty, but you managed to get great results.
    I tried in Bath the other day, absolutely crap. It was a bit rushed, but I couldn’t see anything and just clicked a few that were never going to any good. You’re right though and so is Enzo Ferrari. I will get back to the Streets. Of course I will once it’s stopped either freezing temperatures or flooding.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      It might be a flash in the pan… Well hope not. Time will tell. They’re some strikes going on at this time. It could be helpful to document those moments. Easier. Lots of people. I need to find easy targets to get back my feet. And most important, kids are back to school! More time for me ?

      • John Harper

        We’ve got strikes too. Okay we’re not up to French level, we know they’re specialists with the whole striking thing, but Mail, Hospitals, Trains, Schools…the U.K. should be proud!
        Don’t make it a flash in the pan, keep at it Jeff.