Finally the Bristol T.M.E ! 2

It’s been three months since these videos were made in Bristol and I finally edited them! Yes, if you have not realized it yet, I procrastinate a lot … I took advantage of this week to do a lot of Street Photography and I also met John Harper who made him on his side a lot of pictures in the city of Bath. I invite you to reread my previous Blogs relating to Bristol and Bath.



These videos have already been posted on my YouTube Channel for several weeks but I did not have time to write a Blog to keep you informed. I take advantage of this blogpost to share a video made not too long ago in the streets of Aix. Moreover for the record, I decided to change my equipment because my cheap action cam that I bought a while ago has no stabilizer and I feel nausea when I look at these videos … So I bought myself a GoPro and I’m waiting to receive my new toy before going on the streets of Aix-en-Provence !



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John Harper
10 months ago

I’m a big fan of these videos. I like to see what’s going on around you before the ‘click’ and you get a sense, especially in Aix, of the feel of a place. Obviously one of the Bristol videos was totally ruined due to some idiot talking about utter nonsense…again 😉