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Strictly speaking, it has been over a month since I did any street photography. My last outing must be on June 23. It was Joachim’s last day of school and Ronan also decided to cut his school year short soon after. He was right ! He had already missed the first 3 months because of his leg in a plaster, it was useless to go all the way … In short, that didn’t bother me because they had had a busy year and they had deserved to be have a small rest. It wasn’t premeditated, but I also stopped doing street photography.




Usually, I always manage to motivate myself to go do a little Street on Saturdays or just during the holidays by giving myself a little time just for myself, but there, I did not particularly want. I just took the holidays with the kids. You could see it in my previous Blog, that we went to the sea, on a hike. Just last week I took them hiking and also swimming in the river. In short, we are not resting and the holidays are busy for the moment. If I stopped doing Street Photography, on the other hand, I took countless photos of the children and my family. Moreover for the july slideshow, the Street will be set aside for the benefit of the photos made of my relatives.



I admit, however, that it starts to itch and the other day I was coming back from a night shift and I was going home quietly and I spotted little scenes that caught my attention. I got into Air Street Photography a bit. Wazup ? Well it’s like Air Guitar. Street Photography without a camera ! I was trying to imagine looking at the scene, how I could photograph it, take a few steps to the side in relation to the light, be more or less close … I think any street photographer doesn’t look anymore what is happening in front of him the same way as the others. It’s ultimately a little mental game that pushes us to see what it would look like in a photo.

  • I photograph to find out what something will look like photographedGarry Winogrand

But the kids are still on vacation until mid-August, and I don’t plan on going back to Street Photography until they’re back in school. I’m on vacation too !



Not too long ago, I installed a funny little app on my smartphone. This is Comica. This app uses filters to turn your photos into comics. There are also other pretty funny filters. I also had fun using myself to see what I could look like as a character who would have abused too much of my mother’s good meals. The result is terrible and comforts me in the idea that I must continue to pratice sports …



Well beyond these filters which make children laugh a lot (and adults too), I found it interesting to switch some of my photos to Comic mode. The sketch makes it possible to simplify a photo by taking into account only the important shapes. If there are too many unwanted elements, the sketch will be messy. This process makes it possible to highlight the graphic side of certain photos. I’ve read that to know which photo stands out, just look at all the photos as thumbnails and take the one that catches your eye the most. I’m not entirely convinced by this method because in the end it only highlights the graphic side or the clean side of the photo.



On more complex photos where a lot of elements are present in the frame, it is less obvious because we have the impression that it is too messy. This is the case for the photo below. Even if the important elements are present in the sketch: the little girl, the mask and the hand.



And yet the photo corresponding to this sketch works well in B&W unlike its “drawing” counterpart. The fact that there are a lot of dark parts in the photo does not help the software which tends to overload the drawing. It takes large areas of light for this to be effective. This is the case for these two photos below.



In the end, this tool is interesting for a certain type of photo. As I said above, these are graphic and clean photos. This makes it possible to simplify the photo as much as possible and to highlight the composition. as you might expect, photos using light/shadow do particularly well during transformation. This is not necessarily the case with photos with a flatter light. In this case, we will not have enough strong contrasts to have a correct result.

There you have it, no new photos in this Blog, but Street Photography will have been mentioned anyway !

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8 thoughts on “Comic Street Photography

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      C’est un concept à creuser… Je pensais à une collaboration avec un dessinateur qui ferait des petits croquis à partir de photos pour en faire un petit zine. En tout cas c’est un truc intéressant pour expliquer pourquoi telle compositions fonctionne ou pas. Mais comme je l’ai dit, ça a des limites car ça devient vite le bordel quand trop de tonalités similaires…

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      The use of this app is limited to a certain kind of photos and it simplifies quite well the photo. It could be usefull to exlain the reasons why a composition works but it has limitations and you’ll reach them pretty quickly

  • John Harper

    Interesting. Just like a comic book. Reminds me of that video by a-ha “Take on Me”. Things are a lot simpler in the world of sketch, it’s unfinished, missing the detail, uncomplicated. If you’re learning to sketch or draw they tell students to squint at whatever their subject matter is to simplify it and so just see the shapes. Everything is made up of shapes. Pretty much what this software is doing.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      That’s why it works pefrectly with light/shadows. It’s all about the shapes. You can see quickly the limitations of this app as the more complex photos don’t work well. But I found it interesting from an artistic perspective. It gives a new dimension to the photos. And you get rid of the image right problem ! 😉