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Well not really yet but it will not be too long ! The kids are back to school this week and I think even though they don’t like the idea very much, they were starting to go around in circles at home and they need to find their friends. And we need to have some time for ourselves … They don’t change schools and the start of the school year is easy. They already know the environment where they will spend the entire year and that’s it cool enough.



For my part, I will be able to find my little routine that I love. Have some time to hang out in the streets of Saint-Denis. I told you I took a break during this vacation. Much of that is true, but I still got to do a little bit of Street. I hardly did any during our stay at the beach, although I usually always take this time to do a bit of Beach Street. This year, who knows why, I didn’t want to. But two weeks ago, the children went to spend a few days with their grandparents and I took the opportunity to hang out a bit in Saint-Denis and I did well because the streets were crowded. Parents made the school purchases for the start of the school year and we thought we were at the end of the year with Christmas shopping!



I didn’t make a lot of pictures though, but it was nice to be in the middle of the crowd that was very reminiscent of the world before. It was all the more surprising given that we have light lockdown underway in Reunion. In July the number of contaminations jumped ! Nothing really surprising. Tourist places such as the South of France, the French west coast, Brittany, Corsica, the Antilla, Tahiti and therefore Reunion Island have seen their figures break all records. Many metropolitan people have come in droves to spend their holidays with us and we have also seen many Reunion residents going on vacation on the mainland. All this shuffling favored the importation of the Delta variant. Since then, the Prefect has imposed light confinement on the Island to stem the inexorable rise in numbers. Fortunately, vaccination, even if it remains behind in relation to the mainland, is progressing. We should reach 50% of Reunion’s population vaccinated by the end of August.



I will not talk about the anti-sanitary demonstrations that are taking place right now all over France and even here. It would be quite funny to document, but I do not agree with their demands and their words so much that I prefer to refrain from going to these demonstrations to take pictures … And yet, when I was in Toulouse in 2019, I went to take pictures during two demonstrations of Yellow Jackets. But here we clearly hit bottom with slogans like Dictatorship of Health and even allusions to the Yellow Star of David to talk about the segregation between vaccinated and non-vaccinated … Personally I am vaccinated and I can go to the gym sports, in restaurants or bars. What I would like a little now is to travel. Not necessarily to go very far, but just to see something else.



For the moment, I will be content with the streets of Saint-Denis. This week, I’m not going to have a lot of time to spend on the streets. As children enter school, it will be necessary to organize themselves according to their timetables. But I believe it will be business as usual. I will always have a little time before I pick them up from school to hang out in the streets. Not necessarily the best time of day, but it is. I will try to go from time to time early after dropping them off at school to take pictures of the waking-up city.



Despite my reduced activity during the last two months, I have not had a particular lack when it comes to Street Photography. I think I made up for it by taking lots of pictures of my kids. Since we moved to the island, we haven’t had the opportunity to hike a lot. During these holidays, we went for a walk every week with the boys and I plan to keep this habit with them because they like it and me too. These outings are all opportunities to take pictures. So no lack, but still happy to be able to soon find myself again with my Fuji XF10 in the streets of the city. I also hope to be a little more diligent in the Blog section!



All the photographs were made with the Fuji XF10.



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2 thoughts on “Back to Street

  • John Harper

    I’m always happy to hear you’re going back to the Streets and see a different perspective from you. Plenty of shots minus people I note. My favourite though is the security guy or whatever he is in front of the gates.

    I’ve lost the enthusiasm lately, but we’re currently in London for a break and I’m taking photos again. Though as we’ve discussed before it’s a ‘lone wolf’ occupation, tricky to concentrate with the family.

    • Jeff Chane-Mouye Post author

      Yeah I’m better at shooting animals or plants 😂
      It feels weird to be back on the streets after a few weeks away. I won’t say that the motivation is not here, but I kinda struggle to see interesting things. I guess that it must come from me.
      Enjoy your break in London. Pretty sure that you will be able to bring back some nice stuff from this journey.